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  • (Mis)reading the gnat: truth and deception in the pseudo-Virgilian Culex 

    Kearey, Talitha
    Recent reassessments of the Culex consider it self-consciously pseudepigraphic, overtly protesting its Virgilian authenticity yet simultaneously flaunting its impersonatory poetics. This paper develops this approach, ...
  • Authority and the Dialectic of Socrates 

    Denyer, Nicholas Charles
    Socrates was the author of a hymn to Apollo and versifications of Aesopic fables. He was not the author of anything philosophical. Socrates acknowledged the authority of gods, of Athenian law, and of his commanding officers. ...
  • The real Euthyphro Problem, solved 

    Denyer, Nicholas Charles (Brill, 2017-03)
    Let us suppose that God commands all and only those actions that are obligatory, and prohibits all and only those actions that are wrong. We then face questions. Does God command the obligatory because it is obligatory? ...
  • The Seventh Letter: A Discussion of Myles Burnyeat and Michael Frede, The Pseudo-Platonic Seventh Letter 

    Denyer, Nicholas Charles (Oxford University Press, 2016-12-22)
    Burnyeat and Frede argue that the seventh of the letters ascribed to Plato is no more genuine than any other letter purporting to be from a philosopher before Epicurus; that its true author is far too remote from Plato for ...

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