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  • Spin transport in few-layer graphene 

    Yan, Wenjing (2015)
    Graphene spintronics refers to spin injection, spin transport and spin detection, using magnetic electrodes and single/multilayer graphene. Although it has been very actively researched since 2006, there is still disagreement ...
  • The Creep Behaviour of Rubbers Reinforced with Particulate or Short Fibres 

    Cui, Yi
    Elastic stress-strain testing and (primary and secondary) creep testing have been carried out on unfilled polyurethane rubber and two rubber composites filled with 10 vol% and 20 vol% alumina particulates. They have been ...
  • Caloric effects in ferroic materials 

    Kim, Ji-Yeob
    There has been much effort to develop next generation refrigeration systems that do not use harmful fluids. Magnetocaloric, electrocaloric and mechanocaloric materials have been studied independently as potential replacement ...
  • Spin transport through nanopillar superconducting spin valves 

    Stoddart-Stones, Ben
    This thesis details an investigation into the interaction of non-equilibrium spin currents with superconductivity using spin valves, where the difference in resistance between the antiparallel (AP) and parallel (P) alignments ...

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