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  • Barocaloric effects in barium-dicalcium propionate salts 

    Avramenko, Alexander (2021-06-01)
    Fluid refrigerants used in vapour-compression cooling systems such as air conditioners and fridges contribute to environmental damage. Should barium dicalcium organic salts show persistent entropy changes under pressure ...
  • Atomic structures and properties of oxide interfaces 

    Zhu, Bonan
    This thesis uses computational approaches, mainly first-principles methods, to study interfaces in oxide thin films. One of the difficulties in interface studies is the lack of definitive atomistic models, yet they are ...
  • Josephson coupling and proximity effects through helimagnetic rare earth interfaces 

    Börcsök, Bence
    This thesis presents research on the effect of superconducting-helimagnetic heterostructures. First, the electric and magnetic properties of epitaxial Nb(20 nm)/HoDy(40 nm) bilayers are studied. The saturation magnetisation ...
  • Characterisation of ScN and ScGaN alloys grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy 

    Knoll, Stephan Manuel (Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, 2014-07)
    The wurtzite III-nitrides AlN, GaN and InN are currently widely used in optoelectronic applications such as light-emitting diodes and this success is owed in large part to the possibility of band gap engineering by ...

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