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  • Plastic Deformation in Complex Crystal Structures 

    Thompson, Robert Peter (2019-01-26)
    Many materials with complex crystal structures have attractive properties, including high specific strength, good creep resistance, oxidation resistance, often through high silicon or aluminium content. This makes them of ...
  • Strengthening of metastable beta titanium alloys 

    Bennett, Joe Mancha (2018-10-02)
    Using current technology, it is now possible to probe material at atomic length scales, increasing our fundamental understanding of material behavior and properties. Metastable $\beta$ titanium alloys are a subset of ...
  • Nanoscale electrical characterisation of nitride structures 

    Choi, Fung Sing (2018-10-20)
    To fully exploit the potential of gallium nitride (GaN) devices for optoelectronics and power electronic applications, the structures of device need to be investigated and optimized. In particular carrier densities, ...
  • Effect of Calcium Phosphate Ceramic Architectural Features on the Self-Assembly of Microvessels In Vitro 

    Gariboldi, Maria Isabella (2018-09-03)
    One of the greatest obstacles to clinical translation of bone tissue engineering is the inability to effectively and efficiently vascularise scaffolds. This limits the size of defects that can be repaired, as blood perfusion ...

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