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Carries out research of world-class excellence in a broad range of subjects across applied mathematics and theoretical physics

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) is one of two Mathematics Departments at the University of Cambridge, the other being the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (DPMMS). The two Departments together constitute the Faculty of Mathematics, and are responsible for the teaching of Mathematics and its applications within the Mathematical Tripos.

DAMTP has a 50-year tradition of carrying out research of world-class excellence in a broad range of subjects across applied mathematics and theoretical physics. Members of DAMTP have made seminal theoretical advances in the development of mathematical techniques and in the application of mathematics, combined with physical reasoning, to many different areas of science. A unique strength is the G K Batchelor Laboratory, in which fundamental experimental science is also performed. Research students have always played a crucial role in DAMTP research, working on demanding research problems under the supervision of leading mathematical scientists and, in many cases, moving on to become research leaders themselves. The current aims of DAMTP are to continue this tradition, in doing so broadening the range of subject areas studied and using new mathematical and computational techniques.

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  • Relativistic magnetised perturbations: Magnetic pressure versus magnetic tension 

    Tseneklidou, D; Tsagas, CG; Barrow, John David (IoP, 2018-05-16)
    We study the linear evolution of magnetised cosmological perturbations in the post-recombination epoch. Using full general relativity and adopting the ideal magnetohydrodynamic approximation, we refine and extend the ...
  • Granular Collapses 

    Caplan, Joshua Sam (2018-10-20)
    The research presented in this thesis concerns the granular collapse problem, where a mass of a granular material is allowed to collapse under its own weight and spread out across a base surface. Whilst this collapse process ...
  • Avalanching on dunes and its effects: Size statistics, stratification, & seismic surveys 

    Arran, Matthew Iain (2018-10-20)
    Geophysical research has long been interdisciplinary, with many phenomena on the Earth's surface involving multiple, linked processes that are best understood using a combination of techniques. This is particularly true ...
  • Gauge Mediation in the NMSSM with a Light Singlet: Sparticles within the Reach of LHC Run II 

    Allanach, Benjamin Christopher; Badziak, Marcin; Hugonie, Cyril; Ziegler, Robert
    Relatively light stops in gauge mediation models are usually made compatible with the Higgs mass of 125 GeV by introducing direct Higgs-messenger couplings. We show that such couplings are not necessary in a simple and ...

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