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  • Critical dynamics of active phase separation: A scalar field theory approach 

    Caballero Pedrero, Fernando
    This thesis studies the critical properties of several systems under the overarching theme of active matter. These are systems that constantly consume energy at particle level and transform it into motion. Several field ...
  • Rovibrational Dynamics of Nuclei and Molecules 

    Rawlinson, Jonathan
    We study quantized rotation-vibration dynamics with applications to nuclear and molecular models. Firstly we consider small vibrations of Skyrmions (topological solitons which model atomic nuclei), developing new approximations ...
  • Nuclei on the Move - Physical Aspects of Interkinetic Nuclear Migration 

    Herrmann, Anne
    Embryonic development is a highly complex procedure, leading from initial, unspecialised cell types - the stem cells - to ever more specialised ones. In part, this process is regulated by genes; but interactions between ...
  • Viscous fingering instabilities and gravity currents.–— 

    Dauck, Tim-Frederik
    This thesis examines the possible instability of radially spreading interfaces to the formation of fingers that break the axial symmetry. A well-known example of this occurs when a less viscous fluid displaces a more viscous ...

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