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  • Large Gauge Transformations and Black Hole Entropy 

    Haco, Sasha (2020-02-15)
    Diffeomorphisms in general relativity can act non-trivially on the boundary of spacetimes. Of particular importance are the $\textit{BMS group}$ of transformations, originally found by Bondi, Metzner, van der Burg and ...
  • Multifield inflation in random potentials and the rapid-turn limit 

    Bjorkmo, Hans Ulrik Theodor (2020-01-25)
    Cosmological inflation is a simple, and observationally well-supported, mechanism for generating a flat, spatially homogeneous universe with the statistical correlations in the cosmic microwave background we see today. ...
  • Topological effects in particle physics phenomenology 

    Davighi, Joseph (2020-01-25)
    This thesis is devoted to the study of topological effects in quantum field theories, with a particular focus on phenomenological applications. We begin by deriving a general classification of topological terms appearing ...
  • Anisotropic nonlinear PDE models and dynamical systems in biology 

    Kreusser, Lisa Maria (2020-07-18)
    This thesis deals with the analysis and numerical simulation of anisotropic nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) and dynamical systems in biology. It is divided into two parts, motivated by the simulation of ...

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