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  • Soft Hair and Subregions in Quantum Gravity 

    Kirklin, Joshua (2021-01-30)
    In quantum gravity and field theory, large gauge transformations lead to novel degrees of freedom living at the boundary. In the presence of a black hole they are called ‘soft hair’, and it has been suggested that they go ...
  • The power of restricted quantum computational models 

    Yoganathan, Mithuna
    Restricted models of quantum computation are ones that have less power than a universal quantum computer. We studied the consequences of removing particular properties from a universal quantum computer to discover whether ...
  • Aspects of Screened Modified Gravity 

    Procter, Nathan
    The currently accepted standard model of cosmology uses general relativity with a ΛCDM matter content to describe the universe on the largest scales. It is an overwhelmingly successful theory, consistent with all observational ...
  • Higher Order Couplings in the Clustering of Biased Tracers of Large-Scale Structure 

    Abidi, Syed Muntazir
    The Large-Scale Structure (LSS) of the Universe, i.e. the distribution of matter and luminous tracers (such as galaxies), contains a wealth of information about the origin, composition, and evolution of the Universe. In ...

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