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  • The Cauchy problem and the initial data problem in effective theories of gravity 

    Kovacs, Aron (2021-06-17)
    Lovelock and Horndeski theories of gravity are diffeomorphism-invariant theories with second-order equations of motion. A subset of these theories can be motivated by effective field theory considerations and hence they ...
  • Hypothesis testing and causal inference with heterogeneous medical data 

    Bellot, Alexis (2021-05-06)
    Learning from data which associations hold and are likely to hold in the future is a fundamental part of scientific discovery. With increasingly heterogeneous data collection practices, exemplified by passively collected ...
  • Cosmic String Radiation with Adaptive Mesh Refinement 

    Drew, Amelia
    Cosmic strings are a fundamental feature of many physically-motivated field theories which inevitably form in the early Universe, as a result of a symmetry breaking phase transition. An important example is the Peccei-Quinn ...
  • Unusual Matter Models in Cosmology 

    Board, Charles
    This thesis is divided into three sections. In the first section, we discuss Singular Inflation, in which a scalar field exhibits a weak singularity, originally illustrated by the non-integer powerlaw potentials. We expand ...

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