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  • A Wiener Chaos Based Approach to Stability Analysis of Stochastic Shear Flows 

    Cattell, Simon (2019-03-30)
    As the aviation industry expands, consuming oil reserves, generating carbon dioxide gas and adding to environmental concerns, there is an increasing need for drag reduction technology. The ability to maintain a laminar ...
  • Lagrangian study of the Southern Ocean circulation 

    McAufield, Ewa Katarzyna (2019-05-18)
    The Southern Ocean is an important region for the sequestration of heat, carbon dioxide and other tracers. The Southern Ocean circulation is typically described in a circumpolarly averaged sense as a Meridional Overturning ...
  • Effects of Massive Fields on the Early Universe 

    Cespedes, Sebastian (2019-04-27)
    Cosmology is one of the best tools to understand the physics that governs the universe at high energies. On one hand, inflation is a very robust mechanism to explain the initial conditions of the universe. On the other ...
  • Coalescence of bubbles and drops 

    Munro, James (2019-02-23)
    When two fluid drops come close enough together to touch, surface tension quickly pulls the drops together into one larger drop. This is an example of a singular fluid flow, as the topology of the interface changes at the ...

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