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  • Flow and mixing in complex porous media 

    Nijjer, Japinder Singh
    The flow and mixing of fluids in complex porous media is important in a large range of environmental settings, from groundwater flows to the geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO$_2$). This thesis investigates two ...
  • A Riemann-Hilbert Approach to the Kissing Polynomials 

    Celsus, Andrew
    Motivated by the numerical treatment of highly oscillatory integrals, this thesis studies a family of polynomials known as the Kissing Polynomials through Riemann-Hilbert techniques. The Kissing Polynomials are a family ...
  • On the Dynamics of Noncircular Accretion Discs 

    Lynch, Elliot
    The classical picture of an accretion disc is of a geometrically thin, nearly axisymmetric, fluid flow undergoing supersonic circular motion and slowly accreting due to angular momentum transport by the disc turbulence. ...
  • Mathematical Challenges in Electron Microscopy 

    Tovey, Robert (2020-11-27)
    Development of electron microscopes first started nearly 100 years ago and they are now a mature imaging modality with many applications and vast potential for the future. The principal feature of electron microscopes is ...

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