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  • Limits on the power available to harvest from broadband random excitation 

    Hawes, DH; Langley, RS (Elsevier, 2017-07-07)
    With the large diversity in energy harvesters aiming to extract maximum power from broadband excitations, it is important to know what the maximum power achievable is. This paper derives new upper bounds on the available ...
  • Critical current studies of a HTS rectangular coil 

    Zhong, Z; Chudy, M; Ruiz, HS; Zhang, X; Coombs, T (Elsevier, 2017-05-15)
    Nowadays, superconducting high field magnets are used in numerous applications due to their superior properties. High temperature superconductors (HTS) are usually used for production of circular pancake or racetrack coils. ...
  • Piercing of consciousness as a threshold crossing operation 

    Kang, YHR; Petzschner, FH; Wolpert, DM; Shadlen, MN
    Many decisions arise through an accumulation of evidence to a terminating threshold. The process, termed bounded evidence accumulation (or drift-diffusion), provides a unified account of decision speed and accuracy, and ...
  • An approach to value based infrastructure asset management 

    Parlikad, AKN; Srinivasan, R (ICE Publishing, 2017-05-23)
    Effective management of civil infrastructure assets requires intricate considerations with regard to safety, serviceability, reputation and cost. Additionally, infrastructure assets have different requirements from various ...

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