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  • Cambridge Bridge Inspection Dataset 

    Huethwohl, Philipp
  • Wound FRP shear reinforcement for concrete structures 

    Spadea, S; Orr, John Joseph; Nanni, A; Yang, Y
    This paper describes current research at the University of Bath and the University of Miami that is, for the first time, aiming to completely replace internal steel reinforcement in concrete structures with knitted ...
  • Evaluating the role of prior experience in inclusive design 

    Wilkinson, Christopher Raphael (Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2012-11-13)
    This thesis investigates the role of prior experience of products and its affect upon interaction. It has been shown within this work that technological experience of products is related to age, and that this has implications ...
  • Redistributed Manufacturing and the Impact of Big Data: A Consumer Goods Perspective 

    Zaki, Mohamed Elsayed; Theodoulidis, B; Shapira, P; Neely, Andrew David; Tepel, MF
    Digitalisation and the growth of big data promise greater customisation as well as change in how manufacturing is distributed. Yet, challenges arise in applying these new approaches in consumer goods industries that often ...

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