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  • Growth rate of YBCO-Ag superconducting single grains 

    Congreve, Jasmin; Shi, Yunhua; Dennis, AR; Durrell, John Hay; Cardwell, David Anthony (IOP Publishing, 2017-12-30)
    The large scale use of (RE)Ba₂Cu₃O₇ bulk superconductors, where RE=Y, Gd, Sm, is, in part, limited by the relatively poor mechanical properties of these inherently brittle ceramic materials. It is reported that alloying ...
  • A Differential Approach to Shape from Polarization 

    Mecca, Roberto; Logothetis, Fotios; Cipolla, Roberto
    State-of-the-art formulations of the Shape from Polarisation problem consist of sev- eral steps based on merging physical principles that prevent this problem being described by a single mathematical framework. In addition, ...
  • Deep Roots: Improving CNN Efficiency with Hierarchical Filter Groups 

    Ioannou, Yani; Robertson, Duncan; Cipolla, Roberto; Criminisi, Antonio; IEEE, (IEEE, 2017)
    We propose a new method for creating computationally efficient and compact convolutional neural networks (CNNs) using a novel sparse connection structure that resembles a tree root. This allows a significant reduction ...
  • Deep Gaussian processes for regression using approximate expectation propagation 

    Bui, Thang; Hernández-Lobato, JM; Hernández-Lobato, D; Li, Y; Turner, Richard Eric (2016-01-01)

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