Recent Submissions

  • Finite Metric Subsets of Banach Spaces 

    Kilbane, James (2019-01-31)
    The central idea in this thesis is the introduction of a new isometric invariant of a Banach space. This is Property AI-I. A Banach space has Property AI-I if whenever a finite metric space almost-isometrically embeds into ...
  • Structure in Machine Learning: Graphical Models and Monte Carlo Methods 

    Rowland, Mark
    This thesis is concerned with two main areas: approximate inference in discrete graphical models, and random embeddings for dimensionality reduction and approximate inference in kernel methods. Approximate inference is a ...
  • Detecting topological properties of boundaries of hyperbolic groups 

    Barrett, Benjamin James (2018-11-24)
    In general, a finitely presented group can have very nasty properties, but many of these properties are avoided if the group is assumed to admit a nice action by isometries on a space with a negative curvature property, ...
  • Extremal and Structural Problems of Graphs 

    Ferra Gomes de Almeida Girão , António José (2019-03-30)
    In this dissertation, we are interested in studying several parameters of graphs and understanding their extreme values. We begin in Chapter~$2$ with a question on edge colouring. When can a partial proper edge colouring ...

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