Recent Submissions

  • Timelike completeness as an obstruction to $\textit{C}$$^{0}$-Extensions 

    Sbierski, Jan; Galloway, GJ; Ling, E
    The study of low regularity (in-)extendibility of Lorentzian manifolds is motivated by the question whether a given solution to the Einstein equations can be extended (or is maximal) as a weak solution. In this paper we ...
  • Inequalities for the Gaussian measure of convex sets 

    Tehranchi, MR
    This note presents families of inequalities for the Gaussian measure of convex sets which extend the recently proven Gaussian correlation inequality in various directions.
  • Random Hermitian Matrices and Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos 

    Berestycki, Nathanael Edouard; Webb, Christian; Wong, Mo Dick
    We prove that when suitably normalized, small enough powers of the absolute value of the characteristic polynomial of random Hermitian matrices, drawn from one-cut regular unitary invariant ensembles, converge in law to ...
  • Semisimple filtrations of tilting modules for algebraic groups 

    Hazi, Amit (2018-02-07)
    Let $G$ be a reductive algebraic group over an algebraically closed field $k$ of characteristic $p > 0$. The indecomposable tilting modules $\{T(\lambda)\}$ for $G$, which are labeled by highest weight, form an important ...

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