Recent Submissions

  • Elliptic curves over Q$_{∞}$ are modular 

    Thorne, JA
    We show that if $\textit{p}$ is a prime, then all elliptic curves de ned over the cyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}$$_{p}$-extension of Q are modular.
  • Connective constants and height functions for Cayley graphs 

    Grimmett, Geoffrey R; Li, Zhongyang
    The connective constant $\mu$($\textit{G}$) of an infinite transitive graph $\textit{G}$ is the exponential growth rate of the number of self-avoiding walks from a given origin. In earlier work of Grimmett and Li, a locality ...
  • On the GL$_{n}$-eigenvariety and a conjecture of Venkatesh 

    Hansen, D; Thorne, JA
    Let π be a cuspidal, cohomological automorphic representation of GL$_{n}$(A). Venkatesh has suggested that there should exist a natural action of the exterior algebra of a certain motivic cohomology group on the π-part of ...
  • Infinitely many monotone Lagrangian tori in del Pezzo surfaces 

    Ferreira de Velloso Vianna, R
    We construct almost toric fibrations (ATFs) on all del Pezzo surfaces, endowed with a monotone symplectic form. Except for CP$^{2}$#CP$^{2}$, CP$^{2}$#2CP$^{2}$, we are able to get almost toric base diagrams (ATBDs) of ...

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