Recent Submissions

  • Geometric Functional Data Analysis 

    Lila, Eardi (2019-10-26)
    In this thesis, we introduce a comprehensive framework for the analysis of statistical samples that are functional data with non-trivial geometry. Geometry can interplay with functional data in different forms. The most ...
  • Inferring differences between networks using Bayesian exponential random graph models 

    Lehmann, Brieuc Charles Louis (2019-10-26)
    The goal of many neuroimaging studies is to better understand how the functional connectivity structure of the brain changes with a given phenotype such as age. Functional connectivity can be characterised as a network, ...
  • Level raising for automorphic representations of GL(2n) 

    Anastassiades, Christos (2019-05-18)
    To each regular algebraic, conjugate self-dual, cuspidal automorphic representation $\Pi$ of $\mathrm{GL}(N)$ over a CM number field $E$ (or, more generally, to a regular algebraic isobaric sum of conjugate self-dual, ...
  • Ricci-flat deformations of orbifolds and asymptotically locally Euclidean manifolds 

    Lund, Christian Overgaard (2019-07-19)
    In this thesis we study Ricci-flat deformations of Ricci-flat Kähler metrics on compact orbifolds and asymptotically locally Euclidean(ALE) manifolds. In both cases we also study the moduli space of Ricci-flat structures. ...

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