Recent Submissions

  • Nonparametric Methods in Financial Time Series Analysis 

    Hong, Seok Young (2018-10-20)
    The fundamental objective of the analysis of financial time series is to unveil the random mechanism, i.e. the probability law, underlying financial data. The effort to identify the truth that governs the observations ...
  • The Dialectica Models of Type Theory 

    Moss, Sean (2018-10-20)
    This thesis studies some constructions for building new models of Martin-Löf type theory out of old. We refer to the main techniques as gluing and idempotent splitting. For each we give general conditions under which type ...
  • Efficient Nonparametric Bayesian Inference For X-Ray Transforms 

    Monard, François; Nickl, Richard; Paternain, Gabriel Pedro
    We consider the statistical inverse problem of recovering a function $f: M \to \mathbb R$, where $M$ is a smooth compact Riemannian manifold with boundary, from measurements of general $X$-ray transforms $I_a(f)$ of ...

    Boczkowski, Lucas; Peres, Yuval; Sousi, Perla (2018)

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