Recent Submissions

  • Shadows of Teichmüller Discs in the Curve Graph 

    Tang, R; Webb, RCH
    We consider several natural sets of curves associated to a given Teichmüller disc, such as the systole set or cylinder set, and study their coarse geometry inside the curve graph. We prove that these sets are quasiconvex ...
  • An upper bound for the pseudoisotopy stable range 

    Randal-Williams, O (Springer, 2016-12-01)
    We prove that the pseudoisotopy stable range for manifolds of dimension 2n can be no better than (2n - 2). In order to do so, we define new characteristic classes for block bundles, extending our earlier work with Ebert, ...
  • $\textit{K}$-Theory of Fermat Curves 

    Cain, Christopher (Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge, 2017-01-10)
    I investigate the $K_2$ groups of the quotients of Fermat curves given in projective coordinates by the equation $F_n:X^n+Y^n=Z^n$. On any quotient where the number of known elements is equal to the rank predicted by ...
  • Stackings and the W-cycles conjecture 

    Louder, L; Wilton, H
    We prove Wise’s W-cycles conjecture: Consider a compact graph Γ′ immersing into another graph Γ. For any immersed cycle Λ : S¹ → Γ, we consider the map Λ′ from the circular components S of the pullback to Γ′. Unless Λ′ is ...

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