Recent Submissions

  • Diophantine Approximation as Cosmic Censor for AdS Black Holes 

    Kehle, Christoph (2020-07-18)
    The present thesis reveals a novel connection of Diophantine approximation arising from small divisors to general relativity, more precisely, the Strong Cosmic Censorship conjecture. The main results provide theorems which ...

    Chen, Cangxiong (2015)
    Kronecker’s first limit formula describes the constant term in the Laurent expansion of a non-holomorphic Eisenstein series at one of its poles. Asai generalised the limit formula to Eisenstein series of level one defined ...
  • The Cotype of Operators from C(K) 

    Montgomery-Smith, Stephen (1988)
    In 1987, Jameson [J1] studied the relationship between the (2, 1)-summing norm and the 2-summing norm for operators from l N ∞. He showed that, in general, these norms are not equivalent. At the end of his paper, he ...
  • Relating Thompson's group V to graphs of groups and Hecke algebras 

    Freeland, Richard
    This thesis is in two main sections, both of which feature Thompson's group $V$, relating it to classical constructions involving automorphism groups on trees or to representations of symmetric groups. In the first section, ...

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