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  • Monoid Extensions, Relaxed Actions and Cohomology 

    Faul, Peter
    In this thesis a particular class of monoid extensions are studied and characterized, the weakly Schreier split extensions. It is demonstrated that both Artin glueings of frames and λ-semidirect products of inverse semigroups ...
  • Topological and geometric inference of data 

    Goucher, Adam
    The overarching problem under consideration is to determine the structure of the subspace on which a distribution is supported, given only a finite noisy sample thereof. The special case in which the subspace is an embedded ...
  • Capitulation Discriminants of Genus One Curves 

    Radicevic, Lazar
    In this thesis we study genus one curves of degree n embedded in projective space P n−1 . We are speci cally interested in the curves de ned over Q that are counterexamples to the Hasse principle, that is the curves that ...
  • Topics in shape-constrained inference 

    Feng, Oliver
    This thesis consists of three chapters. The first of these surveys the field of nonparametric inference under shape constraints, focussing in particular on the topics of shape-restricted regression and shape-constrained ...

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