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  • Planning for a changing environment: administration and management of South Georgia 

    Davis, Pam (1992-07-31)
    The administration and management of South Georgia's fauna developed through the regulation of the sealing and whaling industries of the late 19th and 20th centuries. These regulations began as economic measures to benefit ...
  • Wilderness visitor managment and Antarctic tourism 

    Davis, Pam (1996-01-30)
    This thesis investigates the question of what kind of management is needed to cope with the increasing numbers of tourists who are visiting wilderness areas in Antarctica. Previous research has addressed Antarctic tourism ...
  • In defence of Nunat (the land): Inuit political development as a response to resource conflict 

    Bleakley, Geoffrey Thompson (1988-07-29)
    The past twenty-five years have witnessed a significant increase in the ability of Inuit groups to defend local interests against the intrusions of their respective nation-state and, as a result, assume a greater degree ...
  • Subsistence whaling in Alaska 

    van Veenen, Erik (1977-12-03)
    In a splendid geographic setting, the Eskimo of western and northwestern Alaska have for centuries risked the ice and elements in pursuit of one of the largest and most magnificent animals on earth, the Bowhead whale. The ...

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