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  • Essays on Networks and Industrial Organization 

    Kalbfuss, Joerg
    Chapter I: Cohesive Anarchy --- In a conflict, a small force may overcome a larger one if the latter fails to coordinate. To understand how incentives drive such failures, I study Tullock contests between a cohesive faction ...
  • Essays in modern Macroeconomics 

    Haber, Timo
    This thesis contains three chapters, each addressing a highly relevant area of interest in modern macroeconomics. The first chapter tests the presence of state-dependent pricing frictions by analysing the effects of monetary ...
  • Essays in Macroeconomics 

    Ochs, Adrian
    This thesis contributes to the study of identification in macroeconomics. The first two chapters combine machine learning techniques with econometrics to provide new insights into this long-standing question. I use natural ...
  • The Early Novels of Konstantin Fedin 

    Armes, Keith (Faculty of Economics, 1969)
    An attempt has been made in this study to examine in depth the early novels of Konstantin Fedin. The novels discussed are Goroda i gody, Brat'ja, Poxiscenie Evropy, and Sanatorij Arktur, so that the period covered is ...

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