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  • Essays in International Macroeconomics and Finance 

    Mann, Samuel (2018-10-20)
    This collection of essays examines the topic of macroeconomic stabilisation in an international context, focusing on monetary policy, capital controls and exchange rates. Chapter 1, written in collaboration with Giancarlo ...
  • Essays on Exchange Rate Pass Through 

    Han, Lu (2018-10-20)
    This dissertation contributes to the theoretical and empirical understandings of international transmissions of exchange rate shocks. It consists of three chapters. The first chapter extends Corsetti and Dedola (2005) ...
  • Essays on Labour Market in Developing Countries 

    Zhang, Peng (2018-10-31)
    This PhD thesis focuses on determinants of labour market outcomes in development economics with a special interest in South Africa and China. After an introduction in chapter 1, the key chapter 2, Ethnic Diversity and ...
  • Essays on Nonparametric Estimation of Asset Pricing Models 

    Dalderop, Jeroen Wilhelmus Paulus (2018-07-20)
    This thesis studies the use of nonparametric econometric methods to reconcile the empirical behaviour of financial asset prices with theoretical valuation models. The confrontation of economic theory with asset price data ...

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