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  • Essays on Semi-parametric Bayesian Econometric Methods 

    Wu, Ruochen
    This dissertation consists of three chapters on semi-parametric Bayesian Econometric methods. Chapter 1 applies a semi-parametric method to demand systems, and compares the abilities to recover the true elasticities of ...
  • Essays in Networks and Behaviour 

    Carpenter, William John Wakefield (2019-03-23)
    This dissertation, submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, is comprised of three essays on networks and human behaviour. The first studies the capacity for some agent in a network, who we term the 'principal', ...
  • Preferences and Cooperation 

    Harris, Alexander Nicholas Edward (2019-01-14)
    Chapter 1: Evolution of reciprocator preferences when agents can pay for information A benchmark result in the evolutionary games literature is that a preference for reciprocity will evolve if preferences are observable ...
  • Three Essays on Economic Inequality 

    Paez Salamanca, Gustavo Nicolas (2019-01-26)
    This PhD dissertation studies how market structures and economic incentives transform heterogeneity at agent levels into unequal economic outcomes. The first chapter studies the economic incentives that lead a country to ...

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