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  • Inequality in Political Representation 

    Lee, Su-Min
    In many countries the near-universal right to vote in elections has been a core attribute of their democratic institutions for decades, and in some cases over a century. However, the political experience of many of these ...
  • Essays in Macroeconomics and Asset Pricing 

    Lu, Jason
    The dissertation presents three essays on asset pricing in the context of Macroeconomics. Each chapter develops upon a central theme: that asset price bubbles act to drive fluctuations in the aggregate economy and conversely ...
  • Essays on Labour Supply, Retirement, and Consumption 

    Oh, Taehee (2021-09-18)
    This PhD dissertation is a study of the individual level behaviour of labour supply, retirement, and consumption in different contexts. The first chapter studies the importance of intrafamily supports in elderly people's ...
  • Essays on Bargaining and Markets 

    Chan, Jin Deng Keith
    Chapter 1: Inefficiency in a Frictionless Market Gale and Sabourian (2006) discuss the existence of inefficient Markov-perfect equilibrium (MPE) in a heterogeneous market. This paper shows that the example they provide ...

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