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  • Essays in Banking and Default 

    Ari, Anil (2018-06-01)
    This thesis consists of three chapters. In the first chapter, titled "Aggregate Risk and Bank Risk-Taking", I propose a general equilibrium model in which strategic interactions between banks and depositors may lead to ...
  • Essays in Optimal Fiscal Policy 

    Kvasnička, Jan (2018-03-24)
    This thesis is of the three article format. All three articles contribute to the literature on optimal fiscal policy with exogeneous government expenditures and distortionary taxation following Lucas and Stokey (1983) and ...
  • Topics in Macro Finance 

    Ahmed, Salman (2018-01-23)
    Summary In terms of the specific topics covered in the thesis, my research aims to further understanding of risky asset return and volatility behaviour from a macro-finance perspective. In three of the four chapters, the ...
  • An Analysis of Monetary Policy Transmission Through Bond Yields 

    Lloyd, Simon Phillip (2017-12-05)
    In this thesis, I study the transmission of monetary policy through the term structure of interest rates. This is an important topic because, with short-term nominal interest rates in many advanced economies close to their ...

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