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  • Three Essays in Economic Inequality 

    Lee, Jang Youn
    This thesis contains three chapters. The first two chapters provide the theoretical and empirical analysis of fast-growing inequality over recent decades, and the last chapter examines the employment effect of raising the ...
  • Development and applications of neural networks for economic forecasting 

    Fisher, Joseph
    Neural networks are one of a variety of machine learning models which are beginning to be widely used in economic forecasting applications. Despite this, there is relatively little understanding of the conditions in which ...
  • Essays on the Impact of Renegotiating Trade Agreements 

    Exton, Oliver (2021-04-16)
    This thesis explores the impact of the renegotiation of trade agreements when there is a threat that trade barriers could increase. The thesis addresses the following questions: 1. What is the impact on firm exporting ...
  • Essays on Tree-based Methods for Prediction and Causal Inference 

    O'Neill, Eoghan
    The first chapter of this thesis contains an application of causal forests to a residential electricity smart meter trial dataset. Household specific estimates are obtained for the effect of a Time-of-Use pricing scheme ...

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