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  • Conscience, ethics and politics: beyond beautiful souls 

    Greene, Rachel Elizabeth (2019-11-30)
    This thesis examines the conceptual and practical difficulties posed by the use of conscience. In order to address those difficulties, it looks at the figure of the beautiful soul in romantic literature as an important ...
  • 'Spheres of influence': Simeon's trust and its implications for evangelical patronage 

    Balda, Wesley (1981-10-20)
    Parish patronage, as the prerogative of the wealthy and influential, caused eighteenth-century evangelical clergymen to experience continued difficulty in obtaining parochial spheres of ministry. John Thornton (1720-90) ...
  • Putting Tamar in her Place 

    Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh, Rosalie (2019-10-26)
    Putting Tamar in her Place: Rosalie Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh Tamar and Genesis 38 strayed by accident into my life during MPhil research. Such an intriguing account inspired this dissertation, which set out to answer three ...
  • Avicenna's Philosophy of Mathematics 

    Zarepour, Mohammad Saleh (2019-10-01)
    I discuss four different aspects of Avicenna’s philosophical views on mathematics, as scattered across his various works. I first explore the negative aspect of his ontology of mathematics, which concerns the question of ...

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