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  • The Poet at Work: Concepts of Authorship in the Ancient Reception of Virgil 

    Kearey, Talitha Esther Zoob (2019-05-18)
    This thesis explores how Virgil's readers imagined the authorial techniques and biographical persona of Virgil, the most canonical – yet extraordinarily elusive – Latin poet. While ancient biography is often dismissed as ...
  • Septuagint Lexicography and Language Change in Greek Judges 

    Ross, William Alexander (2019-10-31)
    This dissertation identifies and addresses key issues in Septuagint lexicography using case studies from the Greek version of Judges. The first chapter outlines the state of the question on the textual history of Judges ...
  • A Proper Secularism: Beyond Ideology in Bulgakov, Trilling, Updike and Pynchon 

    Howard, Augustus Pritchard (2019-04-27)
    My dissertation, “A Proper Secularism: Beyond Ideology in Bulgakov, Trilling, Updike and Pynchon,” explores the ways in which the literary imagination pushes beyond ideology, and points towards notions of the eternal, by ...
  • The Multiverse and Participatory Metaphysics 

    Boulding, Jamie Timothy (2019-04-27)
    This dissertation brings a new philosophical perspective to an important topic in the contemporary theology and science dialogue, specifically the theological reception of multiverse thought in modern cosmology. In light ...

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