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  • Eschatological Approval in the Epistle of James 

    Eng, Daniel (2021-03-19)
    This study makes a case that eschatological approval is a unifying motif in the epistle of James. While themes like friendship, wisdom, obedience, and perfection have been demonstrated in the epistle of James, none of these ...
  • Divine Freedom and Revelation in Christ: The Doctrine of Eternity with Special Reference to the Theology of Karl Barth 

    Garton, Alexander (2021-03-27)
    Christianity makes two fundamental but seemingly contradictory assertions: that the incarnation provides reliable knowledge about God but also that the incarnation was undertaken freely and thus need not have happened. The ...
  • God and Time: A Neo-Bergsonian Perspective 

    Moravec, Matyas
    The thesis uses key insights from the philosophy of Henri Bergson (1859-1941) to propose a new model of God’s relation to time. Chapter 1 is an introduction to Bergson’s philosophy against the background of Russell’s “The ...
  • Multi-dimensional personhood and the welfare state 

    Spencer, Nicholas (2020-11-20)
    The welfare state in Britain has been a subject of much ecclesiastical and pastoral concern since (before) its inception, but this interest has not been matched by any comparable and sustained theological engagement. This ...

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