Recent Submissions

  • Robustness and Independent Evidence 

    Unknown author (University of Chicago Press, 2017-03-21)
    Robustness arguments hold that hypotheses are more likely to be true when they are confirmed by diverse kinds of evidence. Robustness arguments require the confirming evidence to be independent. We identify two kinds of ...
  • Psychometrics versus Representational Theory of Measurement 

    Vessonen, Elina (Sage Publications, 2017-05-06)
    Erik Angner has argued that simultaneous endorsement of the representational theory of measurement (RTM) and psychometrics leads to inconsistency. His claim rests on an implicit assumption: RTM and psychometrics are ...
  • Threefoldness 

    Nanay, B
    Theories of picture perception aim to understand our perceptual relation to both the picture surface and the depicted object. I argue that we should talk about not two, but three entities when understanding picture perception: ...
  • A long history of breakdowns: A historiographical review 

    Margocsy, D
    This introduction to this special issue argues that network breakdowns play an important and unacknowledged role in the shaping and emergence of scientific knowledge. It focuses on transnational scientific networks from ...

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