Recent Submissions

  • Interpreting Theories without a Spacetime 

    Haro, Sebastian De; Regt, Henk De
    In this paper we have two aims: first, to draw attention to the close connexion between interpretation and scientific understanding; second, to give a detailed account of how theories without a spacetime can be interpreted, ...
  • Rescuing objectivity: a contextualist proposal 

    Wright, Jack
    Ascriptions of objectivity carry significant weight. But they can also cause confusion because wildly different ideas of what it means to be objective are common. Faced with this, some philosophers have argued that objectivity ...
  • Pirating Mare Liberum (1609) 

    Somos, Mark; Margocsy, Daniel (Brill, 2017-12-22)
    Two pirated editions form a vital but neglected part of the printing and reception history of the first edition of Grotius’ Mare liberum.
  • Traveling machines and colonial times 

    Schaffer, Simon John
    This workshop explores claims that knowledge and belief are inevitably and productively entangled. It is suggested that this kind of interweaving is peculiarly evident and important in work with objects that somehow respond ...

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