Recent Submissions

  • The eye of the needle: magnetic survey and the compass of capital in the age of revolution and reform 

    Bulstrode, Jenny
    This thesis charts the globalising role of British geomagnetism in the age of revolution and reform. In the earlier decades of the nineteenth century, significant fiscal-military state resources were directed toward linking ...
  • Conceptual Challenges in Cultural Selection 

    Chellappoo, Azita (2020-07-18)
    The aim of my thesis is to address key conceptual challenges within cultural selection, in order to provide a rigorous evaluation of its promise and scope. Cultural selection, a process analogous to natural selection which ...
  • On Inter-Theoretic Relations and Scientific Realism 

    De Haro Ollé, Sebastian (2020-05-04)
    This thesis addresses three contemporary debates in the philosophy of science: namely, scientific realism, emergence, and theoretical equivalence. The thesis brings logico-semantic tools of the analytic tradition—about ...
  • Written Evidence - Defence industrial policy: procurement and prosperity 

    Belfield, Haydn; Jayanti, Amritha; Avin, Shahar (UK Parliament Defence Committee, 2020-05-19)
    In this response we particularly focus on defence and those in adjacent markets systems that integrate increasingly capable artificial intelligence (AI), especially those based on machine learning (ML). Many systems that ...

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