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  • On Inter-Theoretic Relations and Scientific Realism 

    De Haro Ollé, Sebastian (2020-05-04)
    This thesis addresses three contemporary debates in the philosophy of science: namely, scientific realism, emergence, and theoretical equivalence. The thesis brings logico-semantic tools of the analytic tradition—about ...
  • The Limits of Screening 

    Wu, Joseph
    This thesis is about screening for cancer—about testing healthy individuals for disease. The traditional way to approach this subject is to begin by considering whether screening is effective. So, for example, there is a ...
  • A Study of Evolutionary Contingency: Characterisation, Mechanisms, and Evidence 

    Wong, T.Y. William (2020-06-17)
    This thesis focuses on three aspects of evolutionary contingency: (i) the characterisation of evolutionary contingency, (ii) the mechanisms of evolutionary contingency, and (iii) the evidence for and against evolutionary ...
  • Victorian Egyptology and the Making of a Colonial Field Science, 1850-1906 

    Gold, Meira (2020-10-24)
    This dissertation provides a new account of the origins of archaeological fieldwork in the Nile Delta. It considers how practitioners from diverse disciplinary backgrounds circulated knowledge about the built environment ...

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