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  • A Window into Selective Catalytic Reduction: a RAIRS Study of NO and NH3 on Cu{311} 

    Sitathani, Krit (2017-04-29)
    This thesis studies the interaction between the bare Cu{311} surface with NO and NH3,individually and co-adsorbed using reflection-absorption infrared spectroscopy (RAIRS). In addition to the bare Cu{311} surface, the ...
  • Development of a method for estimating methane gas emissions at high resolution 

    Connors, Sarah (Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, 2016-06-08)
    Methane is the second most important anthropogenic greenhouse gas, with a radiative warming of 0.97 [0.74-1.20] W m-2 (Stocker et al., 2013a) and a global warming potential of 21 times that of CO2 over a 100 year timescale ...
  • Aggregation of alpha-synuclein using single-molecule spectroscopy 

    Iljina, Marija (Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, 2017-03-23)
    The aggregation of alpha-synuclein (αS) protein from soluble monomer into solid amyloid fibrils in the brain is associated with a range of devastating neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Soluble oligomers ...
  • Dopant effects on solid-solid transitions in atomic clusters 

    Husic, Brooke Elena (2015-08)
    Multicomponent atomic clusters (i.e. nanoalloys) are currently a subject of intense interest because their properties can be tuned by adjusting the cluster size and composition. Previous work has demonstrated the sensitivity ...

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