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  • Surface Ozone and Population Health 

    Sun, Zhe
    Atmospheric ozone is attracting ever-growing research attention, as i) stratospheric ozone depletion will expose the biosphere to stronger hazardous ultraviolet radiation, which has been emphasised in the Montreal Protocol; ...
  • Using transcriptomic data to detect, understand, and treat injury in the context of drug toxicity and fibrotic disease 

    Liu, Anika
    In drug discovery, it is crucial to understand how drugs relate to complex phenotypes. This includes understanding how a drug can help to treat a condition, but also how it can result in adverse effects so that safety risks ...
  • A computational study of germanium dioxide 

    Oeffner, Robert Daniel (1999-01)
    This thesis presents calculations done on germanium dioxide. These have been done with interatomic pair potentials developed with the aid of a fitting procedure. Results for the crystalline modifications and the glassy ...
  • Second Order Interactions in Solid State Systems 

    Bird, Craig Malcolm (1995-10)
    Non-covalent interatomic interactions, particularly hydrogen bonds, have been studied through systematic analysis of published crystallographic data, and through the determination of novel crystal structures. Chapters 1-3 ...

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