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  • The ecomorphology of facultative bipedality in Lepidosauria: implications for the evolution of reptilian bipedality 

    Grinham, Luke
    Bipedality is a distinctive locomotor characteristic of some of the most noteworthy animals of all time, including dinosaurs and humans. However, the evolution of a bipedal locomotor mode is poorly understood in reptiles. ...
  • Modelling dispersion and mixing in geophysical flows 

    Bhamidipati, Neeraja
    This thesis is concerned with modelling geophysical flows. The problems considered in this work include dispersion in flows through heterogeneous porous rocks, turbulent mixing in the surface layer of the ocean, and mixing ...
  • Multiphase Fountains 

    Lippert, Martin
    In this thesis we present experimental studies and theoretical models on the rise height and entrainment of axisymmetric multiphase fountains. The aim of this thesis is to improve our understanding of these fundamental ...
  • Some problems in low Reynolds number environmental flows 

    Hinton, Edward (2020-07-01)
    This thesis investigates some problems in environmental fluid dynamics in which the role of inertia is negligible relative to viscous stresses and buoyancy forces. Simple models are developed to provide insight into the ...

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