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  • Coping with Human-Elephant Conflict in Laikipia District, Kenya 

    Nyumba, Tobias (2008-10-14)
    In many parts of Africa, large herbivores find their way into private lands, competing for forage with livestock and destroying crops. In Kenya, elephants (Loxodonta africana) pose a real threat to subsistence farmers at ...
  • The structure and seismicity of Icelandic rifts 

    Green, Robert George (2016-06-07)
    Three-fifths of the Earth’s crust has been built at oceanic spreading centres in the last 160 million years. To explore crustal extension processes and the architecture of these constructive plate boundaries I have studied ...
  • Spatio-temporal variability and energy-balance implications of surface ponds on Himalayan debris-covered glaciers 

    Miles, Evan (Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, 2016-12-16)
    Surface ponds play a key role in transferring atmospheric energy to the ice for debris-covered glaciers, but as the spatial and temporal distribution of ponds is not well documented, their effect on glacier ablation is ...
  • Bayesian source inversion of microseismic events 

    Pugh, David James (2016-01-05)
    Rapid stress release at the source of an earthquake produces seismic waves. Observations of the particle motions from such waves are used in source inversion to characterise the dynamic behaviour of the source and to help ...

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