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  • Constructing Landscapes: Towards a Hybrid Tonality 

    Brammeld, Christopher (2021-11-27)
    This thesis consists of a portfolio of five score-based compositions and a commentary associated with each work. There are two instrumental works and three vocal works. The two instrumental works are String Quartet No. 2 ...
  • Common Time: Music, Empathy, and a Politics of Care 

    Cao, Erica
    Frameworks for the application of the arts in community settings tend to focus on the development of individuals’ empathy or social bonds. A commensurate level of consideration tends not to be given to the socio-economic, ...
  • Performing History: Bach Pianism in Britain, 1920–35 

    Riley, Pierre
    The canonical repertoire of Western art music – and, by association, the pantheon of its progenitors – exists both as history and in the living, sounding present. It undergoes reinvention and renegotiation through performance ...
  • 'A New Type of Part Writing': Notation and Performance in Beethoven's Late String Quartets 

    Stroud, Rachel
    Beethoven’s late string quartets are among his most extraordinary and elusive works. A source of fascination to performers, audiences and scholars alike for nearly two centuries, they are defined by an aesthetic of ...

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