Recent Submissions

  • Automatic syntactic analysis of learner English 

    Huang, Yan (2019-03-23)
    Automatic syntactic analysis is essential for extracting useful information from large-scale learner data for linguistic research and natural language processing (NLP). Currently, researchers use standard POS taggers and ...
  • Acquisition of metaphorical expressions by Chinese learners of English 

    Xia, Mengying (2018-10-31)
    This study investigates the acquisition of conventional metaphorical expressions by Chinese learners of English. A conventional metaphorical expression, following the definition of cognitive semantics, refers to the use ...
  • Split intransitivity: Thematic roles, case and agreement 

    Baker, James Samuel (2018-11-24)
    This dissertation is an extended argument for the syntactic structure proposed in (1), referred to as the $\textit{VICTR Hierarchy}$ after the initials of the five functional heads it comprises: (1) [VolitionP Volition ...
  • Emo, love and god: making sense of Urban Dictionary, a crowd-sourced online dictionary 

    Nguyen, Dong; McGillivray, Barbara; Yasseri, Taha
    The Internet facilitates large-scale collaborative projects and the emergence of Web 2.0 platforms, where producers and consumers of content unify, has drastically changed the information market. On the one hand, the promise ...

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