Recent Submissions

  • Weibo posts on regional Putonghua in Ningbo and Shanghai (2011-2018) (data file) 

    Hui, Zhao
    This is a list of Weibo posts posted between 1 July 2011 to 10 July 2018 on Sina Weibo (, compiled by searching a list of keywords (see keywords below) on
  • Developing Production Skills through Implicit Learning 

    Bovolenta, Giulia
    Language proficiency largely relies on implicit knowledge, which is unconscious and operates independently of voluntary control. Implicit learning is a process of incidental learning which results in the acquisition of ...
  • Policy Briefing on Languages, Business, Trade and Innovation 

    Bennett, Wendy; Carruthers, Janice (2020-07-01)
    In this Briefing we highlight key messages from these sectors around the importance of having high-level language and intercultural skills in the workforce and we make a series of recommendations designed to support the ...
  • The Value of Languages 

    Bennett, Wendy
    Policy document from Cambridge Public Policy SRI. A report of a workshop held in Cambridge in October 2015 to discuss current deficiencies in UK language policy, to put forward proposals to address these, and to illustrate ...

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