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  • Learning to de-anonymize social networks 

    Sharad, Kumar (Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 2016-11-15)
    Releasing anonymized social network data for analysis has been a popular idea among data providers. Despite evidence to the contrary the belief that anonymization will solve the privacy problem in practice refuses to die. ...
  • A shallow processing approach to anaphor resolution 

    Carter, David Maclean (1986-06-17)
    The thesis describes an investigation of the feasibility of resolving anaphors in natural language texts by means of a "shallow processing" approach which exploits knowledge of syntax, semantics and local focussing as ...
  • The contour tree image encoding technique and file format 

    Turner, Martin John (1994-06-14)
    The process of contourization is presented which converts a raster image into a discrete set of plateaux or contours. These contours can be grouped into a hierarchical structure, defining total spatial inclusion, called a ...
  • Computational methods for multi-omic models of cell metabolism and their importance for theoretical computer science 

    Angione, Claudio (2015-11-10)
    To paraphrase Stan Ulam, a Polish mathematician who became a leading figure in the Manhattan Project, in this dissertation I focus not only on how computer science can help biologists, but also on how biology can inspire ...

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