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  • Federated Linear Dimensionality Reduction 

    Grammenos, Andreas
    In recent years, the explosive rate of dataset expansion has offered the ability for researchers to access an unprecedented amount of information. Moreover, in addition to actual dataset size increases, the types and ...
  • Obstacles to wearable computing 

    Oliver, Helen
    In the year 2021, wearable technology could look beautiful and feel magical, but instead is exemplified by a plain wristband that looks suspiciously like a prison monitor. How can we make wearable technology that respects ...
  • Problem-solving recognition in scientific text 

    Heffernan, Kevin
    As far back as Aristotle, problems and solutions have been recognised as a core pattern of thought, and in particular of the scientific method. Therefore, they play a significant role in the understanding of academic texts ...
  • Software-based approximate computing for mathematical functions 

    Timmons, Nicholas
    The four arithmetic floating-point operations (+,−,÷and×) have been precisely specified in IEEE-754 since 1985, but the situation for floating-point mathematical libraries and even some hardware operations such as fused ...

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