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  • Prefetching for complex memory access patterns 

    Ainsworth, Sam (2018-07-21)
    Modern-day workloads, particularly those in big data, are heavily memory-latency bound. This is because of both irregular memory accesses, which have no discernable pattern in their memory addresses, and large data sets ...
  • Descriptive complexity of constraint problems 

    Wang, Pengming (2018-10-13)
    Constraint problems are a powerful framework in which many common combinatorial problems can be expressed. Examples include graph colouring problems, Boolean satisfaction, graph cut problems, systems of equations, and ...
  • Semantic text classification for cancer text mining 

    Baker, Simon (2018-07-20)
    Cancer researchers and oncologists benefit greatly from text mining major knowledge sources in biomedicine such as PubMed. Fundamentally, text mining depends on accurate text classification. In conventional natural language ...
  • Compiler Optimisation of Typeless Languages 

    Fourniotis Pavlatos, Panayis
    We have written an optimising compiler for a typeless, imperative, modular programming language. The optimiser, which works on a 3-address intermediate representation generated from the source program, uses some novel ...

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