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  • Automatic annotation of error types for grammatical error correction 

    Bryant, Christopher Jack (2019-04-30)
    Grammatical Error Correction (GEC) is the task of automatically detecting and correcting grammatical errors in text. Although previous work has focused on developing systems that target specific error types, the current ...
  • Privacy-preserving decentralised collaborative applications 

    Kollmann, Stephan Alexander (2019-07-20)
    Cloud-based applications are problematic from a privacy perspective because they typically have access to large amounts of user data and metadata. This centralisation of user data creates an attractive target for actors ...
  • Trusting in computer systems 

    Harbison, William Samuel (1997-07-25)
    We need to be able to reason about large systems, and not just about their components. For this we would like to have conceptual tools that will help us to understand the behaviour of these systems, and to help us make ...
  • Devising and evaluating wearable technology for social dynamics monitoring 

    Montanari, Alessandro
    The importance of studying social interactions has been proven useful in several fields. In the workplace, studies have found that allowing mixing among different groups could improve team coordination and productivity. ...

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