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  • Retrieval of research-level mathematics via joint modelling of text and types 

    Stathopoulos, Yiannos
    Recent work in Mathematical Information Retrieval (MIR) emphasises the retrieval of sym- bolic formulae but ignores their interactions with the text. However, mathematicians think and communicate ideas that take the form ...
  • Explanations for Autonomous Agents 

    Raymond, Alexandre
    Recent years have seen an accelerated development of agents and systems capable of sophisticated autonomous behaviour. As the consequences of such agents' actions begin to manifest in society, the need for understanding ...
  • Meta-learning representations with relational structure 

    Day, Benjamin
    Representation learning has emerged as a versatile tool that is able to take advantage of the vast datasets acquired using digital technologies. The broad applicability of this method stems from its flexibility in use as ...
  • Programming and static analysis with graded monads 

    Ivaskovic, Andrej
    Programmers writing purely functional code have long represented impure, side-effecting computation using monads. Recent research in program semantics has focussed on graded monads, a useful generalisation of monads which ...

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