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  • Content Selection for Timeline Generation from Single History Articles 

    Bauer, Sandro Mario (2017-11-07)
    This thesis investigates the problem of content selection for timeline generation from single history articles. While the task of timeline generation has been addressed before, most previous approaches assume the existence ...
  • Power Control and Resource Allocation for QoS-Constrained Wireless Networks 

    Feng, Ziqiang (2017-11-01)
    Developments such as machine-to-machine communications and multimedia services are placing growing demands on high-speed reliable transmissions and limited wireless spectrum resources. Although multiple-input multiple-output ...
  • Gaze Estimation with Graphics 

    Wood, Erroll William (2017-10-17)
    Gaze estimation systems determine where someone is looking. Gaze is used for a wide range of applications including market research, usability studies, and gaze-based interfaces. Traditional equipment uses special hardware. ...
  • Learning to de-anonymize social networks 

    Sharad, Kumar (Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 2016-11-15)
    Releasing anonymized social network data for analysis has been a popular idea among data providers. Despite evidence to the contrary the belief that anonymization will solve the privacy problem in practice refuses to die. ...

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