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  • On Security of Machine Learning 

    Shumailov, Ilia
    Recent advances in machine learning (ML) changed the world. Where humans used to dictate the rules, now machines hoard data and make decisions. Although this change has brought real benefits, it has automated a significant ...
  • Encoding parameter and structural efficiency in deep learning 

    Spasov, Simeon
    The development of deep learning has led to significant performance gains on a variety of tasks in a diverse set of application areas spanning computer vision, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, generative ...
  • Automating representation change across domains for reasoning 

    Stockdill, Aaron
    Representing a problem well can make it trivial to solve; represent it poorly, and it becomes impossible. But what makes a representation suitable for a problem, and how can we automatically choose the most suitable from ...
  • Resilient routing for MANETs 

    Caballero Gutierrez, Marco
    Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are the core technology that provides the US military with adaptable and reliable battlefield communications. These self-organising networks are ideal for rapidly changing scenarios that ...

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