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  • Latency-driven performance in data centres 

    Popescu, Diana Andreea (2019-04-16)
    Data centre based cloud computing has revolutionised the way businesses use computing infrastructure. Instead of building their own data centres, companies rent computing resources and deploy their applications on cloud ...
  • Distributed consensus revised 

    Howard, Heidi (2019-04-27)
    We depend upon distributed systems in every aspect of life. Distributed consensus, the ability to reach agreement in the face of failures and asynchrony, is a fundamental and powerful primitive for constructing reliable ...
  • Exploiting quasiperiodic electromagnetic radiation using software-defined radio 

    O'Connell, Christian David (2019-04-27)
    Electronic devices emanate unintentional electromagnetic radiation from which an attacker can extract sensitive information. In video display units these are quasiperiodic: nearly periodic in the short term. Video-eavesdropping ...
  • Effects of timing on users' perceived control when interacting with intelligent systems 

    Yu, Guo (2019-05-18)
    This research relates to the usability of mixed-initiative interaction systems, in which actions can be initiated either through a choice by the user or through intelligent decisions taken by the system. The key issue ...

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