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  • Wireless Communication in Vehicles 

    Herbert, Steven (2015-05-16)
    There is an increasing interest in the deployment of wireless communication systems in vehicles. The motivation for this work is to provide a fundamental characterisation of the in-vehicle Electromagnetic (EM) wave propagation ...
  • A microprogrammed operating system kernel 

    Herbert, Andrew Jame (1979-03-19)
    The subject of the thesis is the design and implementation of an operating system kernel for the Cambridge Capability Computer (CAP). The kernel of an operating syst em is its most primitive level of facilities and forms ...
  • Operating system support for warehouse-scale computing 

    Schwarzkopf, Malte (2018-11-24)
    Modern applications are increasingly backed by large-scale data centres. Systems software in these data centre environments, however, faces substantial challenges: the lack of uniform resource abstractions makes sharing ...
  • Prefetching for complex memory access patterns 

    Ainsworth, Sam (2018-07-21)
    Modern-day workloads, particularly those in big data, are heavily memory-latency bound. This is because of both irregular memory accesses, which have no discernable pattern in their memory addresses, and large data sets ...

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