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  • Cubical Models of Homotopy Type Theory - An Internal Approach 

    Orton, Richard Ian (2019-02-23)
    This thesis presents an account of the cubical sets model of homotopy type theory using an internal type theory for elementary topoi. Homotopy type theory is a variant of Martin-Lof type theory where we think of types as ...
  • Towards justifying computer algebra algorithms in Isabelle/HOL 

    Li, Wenda (2019-07-31)
    As verification efforts using interactive theorem proving grow, we are in need of certified algorithms in computer algebra to tackle problems over the real numbers. This is important because uncertified procedures can ...
  • Text readability and summarisation for non-native reading comprehension 

    Xia, Menglin (2019-07-20)
    This thesis focuses on two important aspects of non-native reading comprehension: text readability assessment, which estimates the reading difficulty of a given text for L2 learners, and learner summarisation assessment, ...
  • Network and storage stack specialisation for performance 

    Marinos, Ilias (2018-10-03)
    In order to serve hundreds of millions of users, contemporary content providers employ tens of thousands of servers to scale their systems. The system software in these environments, however, is struggling to keep up with ...

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