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  • Data Summarizations for Scalable, Robust and Privacy-Aware Learning in High Dimensions 

    Manousakas, Dionysios
    The advent of large-scale datasets has offered unprecedented amounts of information for building statistically powerful machines, but, at the same time, also introduced a remarkable computational challenge: how can we ...
  • Neural Diagrammatic Reasoning 

    Wang, Duo
    Diagrams have been shown to be effective tools for humans to represent and reason about complex concepts. They have been widely used to represent concepts in science teaching, to communicate workflow in industries and to ...
  • The Impact of Randomisation in Load Balancing and Random Walks 

    Cai, Leran
    The real world is full of uncertainties. Classical analyses usually favour deterministic cases, which in practice can be too restricted. Hence it motivates us to add in randomness to make models similar to practical ...
  • Decentralised computer systems 

    Ahmed, Mansoor
    The architecture of the Web was designed to enable decentralised exchange of information. Early architects envisioned an egalitarian yet organic society thriving in cyberspace. The reality of the Web today, unfortunately, ...

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