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  • Investigating Controlled Release Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems 

    Chia, Leonard Sze Onn (2018-02-06)
    The therapeutic effect of pulmonary drug delivery systems is limited by its rapid clearance from the lungs by robust clearance mechanisms. By controlling the release of drugs, the therapeutic effect of pulmonary drug ...
  • Model-based Experimental Design in Electrochemistry 

    Nguyen, H. Viet (2018-07-31)
    The following thesis applies an experimental design framework to investigate properties of electron transfer kinetics and homogeneous catalytic reactions. The approach is model-based and the classical Butler-Volmer description ...
  • Modelling Non-Catalytic Gas-Solid Reactions 

    Dai, Peng (2018-03-01)
    The overall objective of the work described in this Dissertation was to develop and verify a general reaction and diffusion model for non-catalytic reactions between gases and porous solids, particularly those relevant to ...
  • NMR Techniques for Measuring Transport Phenomena in Microporous Materials 

    Ainte, Mohamed Iman (2017-12-05)
    The primary aim of this thesis is to investigate and quantify the self-diffusion processes of gaseous molecules adsorbed in industrially relevant microporous zeolite materials using Pulsed Field Gradient Nuclear Magnetic ...

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