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  • Graphene, layered materials and hybrid structures for advanced photodetectors 

    De Fazio, Domenico (2018-04-28)
    Photodetectors are essential in optoelectronics as they allow the conversion of optical signals into electrical outputs. Silicon, germanium and III-V semiconductors currently dominate the photodetector market. In this ...
  • Distributed schemes for stability and optimality in power networks 

    Kasis, Andreas (2018-02-26)
    The generation, transmission and distribution of electricity underpins modern technology and constitutes a necessary element for our development and economic functionality. In the recent years, as a result of environmental ...
  • Measurement and Modelling of Human Sensory Feedback in Car Driving 

    Nash, Christopher James (2018-04-28)
    With the growing complexity of vehicle control systems it is becoming increasingly important to understand the interaction between drivers and vehicles. Existing driver models do not adequately characterise limitations ...
  • Inlet Recirculation in Radial Compressors 

    Schreiber, Christoph (2018-01-15)
    Deficient performances of turbocharger compressors inside turbo-charged engines limit the behaviour of the drive train. This problem has shifted the design space for compressors towards their performance at part-speed and ...

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