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  • Nonlinear thermoacoustic oscillations of a ducted laminar premixed flame 

    Kashinath, Karthik (2013-10-12)
    Finding limit cycles and their stability is one of the central problems of nonlinear thermoacoustics. However, a limit cycle is not the only type of self-excited oscillation in a nonlinear system. Nonlinear systems can ...
  • Lightweight Composite Trailer Design 

    Galos, Joel Luke (2017-04-01)
    This thesis explores the use of lightweight composite materials in road freight trailer design as a means of reducing the emissions of the road freight industry. A comprehensive review of previous lightweight composite ...
  • Modelling and analysis of nonlinear thermoacoustic systems using frequency and time domain methods 

    Orchini, Alessandro (2017-02-25)
    In this thesis, low-order nonlinear models for the prediction of the nonlinear behaviour of thermoacoustic systems are developed. These models are based on thermoacoustic networks, in which linear acoustics is combined ...
  • Structure and stabilization of cryogenic spray flames 

    Juniper, Matthew Pudan (2001-11-26)
    The success of a satellite launcher depends to a great extent on its efficiency and reliability. Engines using cryogenic fuels, such as liquid oxygen and hydrogen, are used for most missions since they combine high performance ...

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