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  • Energy Models for Urban-Integrated Agriculture 

    Jans-Singh, Melanie
    As cities adapt and evolve to future climatic, demographic and economic conditions, urban integrated agriculture (UIA) is a promising solution to increase urban resource use efficiency, improve local food supply and ...
  • Inverse problems in thermoacoustics 

    Yu, Hans
    Thermoacoustics is a branch of fluid mechanics, and is as such governed by the conservation laws of mass, momentum, energy and species. While computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has entered the design process of many ...
  • Implications of nonlinear suspension behaviour for feedforward control of road noise in cars 

    De Brett, Matthew
    Active control offers a lightweight solution to the problem of low frequency structure-borne road noise in cars. Feedforward control of road noise is predominantly limited by the difficulty of finding reference signals ...
  • The effect of reaction on compressor performance 

    Chana, Krishan (2021-05-01)
    Reaction is the fundamental parameter by which the asymmetry of the velocity triangle of a stage is set. Little is understood about the effect that reaction has on either the efficiency or the operating range of a compressor. ...

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