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  • Error Behaviour In Optical Networks 

    James, Laura Bryony (2005-12-01)
    Optical fibre communications are now widely used in many applications, including local area computer networks. I postulate that many future optical LANs will be required to operate with limited optical power budgets for a ...
  • The Flexoelectro-optic Effect for Photonics Applications 

    Broughton, Benjamin John (2006-07-22)
    This thesis comprises an account of research carried out into the flexoelectro-optic effect, as observed in chiral nematic liquid crystals, and its potential for application in fibre optic communications components. The ...
  • Design support for eco-efficiency improvements in manufacturing 

    Litos, Lampros (2016-12-21)
    Eco-efficiency improvements in manufacturing is a controversial subject for researchers, practitioners as well as policy makers. The widely accepted definition of "doing more with less" is not accurate enough to guide the ...
  • A method for the numerical analysis of combustion instabilities with an application to afterburner screech 

    Quaglia, Carlo Filippo (2015-05-16)
    This work concerns the prediction of potentially damaging thermoacoustic oscillations in gas turbine combustion systems by computational means. A framework is laid out to predict numerically the frequency and stability of ...

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