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  • Characterisation of Local Mechanical Properties in Living Tissues 

    Cheng, Qian (2017-07-21)
    The process of a single cell evolving into a complex organism results from a series of coordinated movements of cells and tissues, especially during early embryo development. Although a wealth of morphological data ...
  • On the Synthesis of Passive Networks without Transformers 

    Hughes, Timothy (2014-07-19)
    This thesis is concerned with the synthesis of passive networks, motivated by the recent invention of a new mechanical component, the inerter, which establishes a direct analogy between mechanical and electrical networks. ...
  • Error Behaviour In Optical Networks 

    James, Laura Bryony (2005-12-01)
    Optical fibre communications are now widely used in many applications, including local area computer networks. I postulate that many future optical LANs will be required to operate with limited optical power budgets for a ...
  • The Flexoelectro-optic Effect for Photonics Applications 

    Broughton, Benjamin John (2006-07-22)
    This thesis comprises an account of research carried out into the flexoelectro-optic effect, as observed in chiral nematic liquid crystals, and its potential for application in fibre optic communications components. The ...

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