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  • Describing and Remembering Motion Events in British Sign Language 

    Bermingham, Rowena (2018-10-23)
    Motion events are ubiquitous in conversation, from describing a tiresome commute to recounting a burglary. These situations, where an entity changes location, consist of four main semantic components: Motion (the movement), ...
  • Language Policies in the European Union and India: A Comparative Study 

    Sharma, Abhimanyu Kumar (2019-06-30)
    The thesis offers a comparative analysis of language policies in the EU and India. Specifically, it examines the role of power and ideology in the formulation and implementation of language policies. The need for this ...
  • Automatic syntactic analysis of learner English 

    Huang, Yan (2019-03-23)
    Automatic syntactic analysis is essential for extracting useful information from large-scale learner data for linguistic research and natural language processing (NLP). Currently, researchers use standard POS taggers and ...
  • Acquisition of metaphorical expressions by Chinese learners of English 

    Xia, Mengying (2018-10-31)
    This study investigates the acquisition of conventional metaphorical expressions by Chinese learners of English. A conventional metaphorical expression, following the definition of cognitive semantics, refers to the use ...

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