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  • The nineteenth-century English dialect novel 

    Thurston, Georgia
    This dissertation considers the politics and practices of incorporating regional dialects into the nineteenth-century English novel form. After roughly 1850, there is a distinct expansion of publications written in dialect ...
  • Leading by Example: The Pastoral Pedagogy of John Mirk's 'Festial' 

    Dixon, Katherine
    The prologue to the late-fourteenth-century sermon collection John Mirk’s Festial is clear in its target audience: those clerics ‘defaute of bokus and sympulnys of letture’ whose shortcomings, both in knowledge and vocational ...
  • Piers Plowman and the Sacraments of Nature 

    McKee, Conor
    This thesis considers William Langland’s engagement with sacramenta, natural signs which manifest some semblance of the divine nature within the created universe. It makes the distinctive claim that the sacramental theology ...
  • Knowing and Understanding the Past in Mid-Eighteenth-Century British Historiographical Thought 

    Levinson, Ephraim
    My thesis asks how eighteenth-century philosophers, historians, dramatists, and literary critics engaged with two major themes of historiographical thought. Chapters 1 and 2 address an epistemological question: how does ...

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