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  • The Poetry of Tom Raworth (1961-1986) 

    Pinnington, Natasha (2021-07-20)
    This dissertation explores the poetry of Tom Raworth from his first collection, The Relation Ship (1966) to the publication of his long poem ‘West Wind’ in 1984. It investigates in particular the poetry’s embeddedness in ...
  • Parts and Wholes in Long Non-narrative Poems of the Eighteenth Century 

    Stenke, Katarina
    This dissertation examines early-eighteenth-century understandings of literary length in order to shed new light on the structures of three long non-narrative poems of the period, James Thomson’s $\textit{The Seasons}$, ...
  • Henry James and "Coterie-Literature" 

    Morley, Simon (2021)
    Henry James is often regarded as an author of ‘coterie-literature’: someone who wrote only for and about elites. This dissertation argues that such interpretations neglect some of the complexities and ambivalences within ...
  • Sound in Conflict: Lyric Poetry and the American Civil War 

    Fenton, John (2021-07-23)
    This dissertation investigates the acoustic resources of lyric poems written during and about the American Civil War, and asks how closely related these acoustics were to their historical environment. I thus attempt to ...

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