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  • Moving with Words, 1950s–1980s: Language, Notation, Choreography 

    van Hensbergen, Rosa (2020-02-22)
    My thesis concerns the use of language to notate movement from the 1950s to 1980s. During this period, traditional forms of pictographic movement notation get replaced in avant-garde communities by experimental language ...
  • Language, Character and Decision in Robert Louis Stevenson 

    Alexander, Roland (2019-11-06)
    Abstract In his 1885 essay ‘On Some Technical Elements of Style in Literature’, Robert Louis Stevenson refers to literature as ‘a strange art’ which, unlike its sister arts of painting and sculpture, is ‘condemned to work’ ...
  • The Spirit of Exemplarity: The Role of Example in Lyric Studies 

    Scott, Christopher Mark Geddes (2019-11-30)
    Recent work in lyric studies has been dominated by two opposing camps: the historicism of the ‘New Lyric Studies’ and the attempt to defend a trans-historical category of lyric, most notably by Jonathan Culler. This thesis ...
  • The construction of skill in contemporary experimental theatre 

    Belloli, Giacomo Giuseppe
    A concern with ‘skill’ – the embodied process of becoming accustomed to, and getting better at, particular practices – underpins the work of a range of recent experimental theatre-makers in the UK. While Tom Cornford has ...

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