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  • Exploring Galaxy Clusters and Groups with Cosmological Simulations 

    Henden, Nicholas Alistair (2019-11-24)
    Galaxy clusters are the largest gravitationally-bound objects in the Universe, their unparalleled size providing powerful leverage to probe large-scale structure growth and cosmology. At the same time, clusters and groups ...
  • X-ray Studies of the Innermost Regions of Black Hole Accretion 

    Jiang, Jiachen (2019-07-02)
    In this thesis, I present the results of my research on the X-ray spectra of accreting black holes. The content of this thesis can be broadly separated into two parts: Chapter 2-3 for stellar-mass black holes in X-ray ...
  • The influence of stellar birth environment on protoplanetary disc dispersal 

    Winter, Andrew (2019-07-11)
    Protoplanetary discs (PPDs) are the progenitors of planets and represent the material available for their formation. Recent surveys indicate that exoplanetary architectures are diverse and the processes that govern the ...
  • Exploring fundamental physics with gravitational waves 

    Mihaylov, Deyan Petrov (2019-08-31)
    In this dissertation I explore several topics in the field of gravitational wave astronomy. By means of introduction, I review the historical evolution of humanity's understanding of the mechanics of gravity, and the events ...

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