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  • Spectra and variability of accreting black holes 

    Buisson, Douglas John Keith
    In this thesis, we present various results concerning the structure of matter close to black holes when they are actively accreting. The two components (apart from the black hole itself) most relevant to this work are the ...
  • The Effect of Tidal Interactions On Hot Subdwarf B Stars and Their Pulsations 

    Preece, Holly (2020-02-22)
    Hot subdwarf B (sdB) stars are evolved core He-burning stars. The sdBs are formed by binary interactions on the red giant branch (RGB) which cause the stars to lose most of their H envelopes. Over half of all observed hot ...
  • New Avenues in Atmospheric Modelling of Exoplanets 

    Gandhi, Siddharth Nandkumar (2020-04-25)
    In this thesis I explore various aspects of atmospheric characterisation of exoplanets with the primary goal of understanding their chemical compositions and physical processes. My research led to the development of new ...
  • A Study on Quenching and Galaxy Growth in z~1 Clusters using HST WFC3 Grism Observations 

    Matharu, Jasleen Kaur (2019-11-30)
    The work in this thesis uses 38 orbits worth of $\textit{Hubble Space Telescope}$ (HST), $\textit{Wide Field Camera 3}$ (WFC3) infrared F140W imaging and G141 grism data on 10 galaxy clusters at $z\sim1$ to study how the ...

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