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  • Gravitational waves: understanding black holes 

    Moore, Christopher James (2016-06-28)
    This thesis concerns the use of observations of gravitational waves as tools for astronomy and fundamental physics. Gravitational waves are small ripples in spacetime produced by rapidly accelerating masses; their existence ...
  • The Adaptive Optics Lucky Imager: combining adaptive optics and lucky imaging 

    Crass, Jonathan (2014-07-01)
    One of the highest resolution astronomical images ever taken in the visible were obtained by combining the techniques of adaptive optics and lucky imaging. The Adaptive Optics Lucky Imager (AOLI), being developed at Cambridge ...
  • Exploring gravity 

    Berry, Christopher P. L. (2014-01-07)
    Gravitation is the dominant influence in most astrophysical interactions. Weak-field interactions have been extensively studied, but the strong-field regime remains largely unexplored. Gravitational waves (GWs) are an ...
  • Understanding X-ray reflection as a probe of accreting black holes 

    Wilkins, Daniel Richard (2013-07-09)
    The reflection of the X-rays emitted from a corona of energetic particles surrounding an accreting black hole from the accretion disc is investigated in the context of probing the structure of the central regions as well ...

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