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  • Outflows and Dust in Quasars 

    Temple, Matthew
    Supermassive black holes (SMBHs) at the centres of galaxies are known to actively accrete, forming so-called `active galactic nuclei' (AGN) or `quasars'. These AGN are believed to feed back energy into their host galaxies, ...
  • Basis Sets in Galactic Dynamics 

    Lilley, Edward
    Since their introduction in 1972 by Clutton-Brock, so-called biorthogonal basis sets have become a popular tool in galactic dynamics. They provide a method of solving Poisson's equation that scales linearly with the number ...
  • Galaxy-Scale Signatures of Screened Modified Gravities 

    Naik, Aneesh (2020-11-28)
    In recent years, theories of gravity incorporating a scalar field coupled to gravity---'scalar-tensor' theories---have been subject to increased attention. In these theories, the scalar field mediates gravitational-strength ...
  • Polluted White Dwarfs: Insights into Ancient Extrasolar Planetary Systems 

    Harrison, John (2020-09-30)
    As the study of rocky exo-planets enters an era of characterisation, the ability to determine how similar a planet is to the Earth, and thus if it is potentially habitable, is fast approaching. An understanding of the ...

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