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  • Studying Accretion Disc Winds with X-ray Spectroscopy 

    Kosec, Peter
    In this thesis I present the results of my PhD research into the physics of accretion (infall) and ejection (outflow) of matter in compact objects. Accretion disc winds are formed of hot and ionised material launched by ...
  • Cosmology from galaxy clusters with cosmic microwave background lensing mass calibration 

    Zubeldía Lafuente, Íñigo
    In this thesis, we present a cosmological analysis of the galaxy clusters in the Planck MMF3 cosmology sample, which consists of 439 Sunyaev-Zel’dovich-detected clusters, with a cosmic microwave background (CMB) lensing ...
  • The influence of planetary and stellar companions on debris discs 

    Yelverton, Ben
    Around 20% of main-sequence stars are known to host debris discs composed of planetesimals and the dust produced in their collisions. The structures of these discs can be constrained through spectral energy distribution ...
  • Galactic Archaeology with Gaia 

    Myeong, Gyuchul (2020-07-17)
    The halo of our Galaxy is believed to be mainly formed by the materials accreted/merged in the past, and so has "extragalactic" origin. Such formation process will leave dynamical traces imprinted in the halo, like stellar ...

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