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  • Studies in the 'Lysistrata' of Aristophanes 

    Wilson, Hamish (1975)
    Commentary on Aristophanes' $\textit{Lysistrata}$.
  • The History of Greek and Roman Historiography 

    Martin, Peter (2021-12-14)
    The development of Greek and Roman historiography is difficult to describe. So many ancient histories are lost and those that survive are hardly representative. In this thesis I argue that despite these difficulties some ...
  • Ideal Cities: the Ancient City and the Modern City in Italy (1860-1914) 

    Greaves, Sofia (2021-06-02)
    This thesis examines the reception of the Greco-Roman city in modern Italian planning theory, both as a concept which was written about and imagined, and as a material being which was adapted and restored. I focus on the ...
  • Memory in Roman Oratory: Theory and Practice 

    Grimwade, Joe (2022-03-25)
    ‘Memory in Roman Oratory: Theory and Practice’ challenges and changes current perceptions of the evolution and use of mnemonic techniques in the ancient world, especially Roman oratory. The field of ‘artificial’ memory is ...

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