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  • Latin Satire, Ars Sermonis 

    Goldman, Oscar
    This thesis examines the construction and function of dialogue and pseudo-dialogic structures in the satiric poetry of Lucilius, Horace, Persius, and Juvenal. Dialogue is analysed as, to greater and lesser degrees, mimetic ...
  • The Female Body in Roman Visual Culture 

    Sheard, Sarah
    This thesis examines the representation of the female body in Roman visual culture, exploring a range of images from mainland Italy that date between the late 1st century BC and the 2nd century AD, from three specific ...
  • The Syntax of Relative Clauses and Related Phenomena in Proto-Indo-European 

    Ram-Prasad, Krishnan
    In this thesis, I reconstruct the syntax of relative clauses in Proto-Indo-European (PIE). Syntactic reconstruction, particularly in the case of PIE, has presented a perennial challenge to Comparative Philologists. I ...
  • Visual Power and Elite Subjectivity in Private Portraiture from Imperial Greece 

    Koukovasilis, Georgios
    This doctorate investigates portrait sculptures erected in Greece from the reign of the first Roman emperor Augustus at the end of the first century BC into late antiquity to ask how private individuals, in different ways, ...

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