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  • State interactions in archaic Greece 

    Loy, Michael Philip Anthony (2019-11-30)
    In this thesis I consider the political and economic interactions of a representative sample of seventh and sixth century B.C. state-level societies from the Aegean basin. This thesis is structured around three material ...
  • Heroic Self-Fashioning in Statius' Thebaid 

    Tang, Henry Ka Chun (2019-08-01)
    This thesis will examine how heroes attempt to create their own heroic identity in Statius’ epic poem, the Thebaid. The Thebaid is a poem with no single central character, but a central group of heroes of relatively equal ...
  • Anthropogony, Myth and Gender: Athenian Autochthony as a Case Study 

    Yan, Di (2019-07-20)
    This thesis, with its reflections on previous myth theories, especially structuralism in the 20th century and post-structuralist readings in recent decades, suggests a new approach for understanding Greek mythology. Taking ...
  • Fictions of Female Voices in Hellenistic Poetry 

    Pace, Valeria (2019-07-20)
    This thesis examines female voices in Hellenistic Poetry. It argues that fictions of female voices in Greek literature produced in this period assume unprecedented importance. Fictions of female voices of course appear ...

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