Recent Submissions

  • Beyond sympathy: Smith’s rejection of Hume’s moral theory 

    Sagar, P (Taylor & Francis, 2017-01-17)
    Adam Smith’s $\textit{Theory of Moral Sentiments}$ (TMS) has long been recognized as importantly influenced by, and in part responding to, David Hume’s earlier ethical theory. With regard to Smith’s account of the foundations ...
  • The role of Pakistan’s military in the control system over nuclear programmes 

    Reichental, Nir (Centre of International Studies, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge, 2012-10-09)
    The prime objective of this thesis is to offer a conceptual explanation for Pakistan’s providing aid to other countries with their nuclear programmes. It focuses on an analysis Pakistan’s structure of control over its ...
  • Cognitive Approaches to Foreign Policy Analysis 

    Rapport, AM
    Cognitive theory encompasses mental activities such as the observation of different stimuli in an environment; the memorization and recall of information; pattern recognition and problem representation; and complex activities ...
  • Artificial persons and attributed actions: How to interpret action-sentences about states 

    Fleming, S
    Action-sentences about states, such as ‘North Korea conducted a nuclear test’, are ubiquitous in discourse about international relations. Although there has been a great deal of debate in International Relations about ...

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