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  • Negotiating Identities: The Case of Evangelical Christian Women in London 

    Gaddini , Katie Christine (2018-07-20)
    Contestations around religion and secularism in the UK continue to unfold. These debates converge most polemically around women’s religiosity, as evidenced by proposed bans on the hijab, and the criminalisation of female ...
  • Contesting the past in the present: a critique of transitional justice scheme in Taiwan 

    Hsiao, Ling-yu (University of Cambridge, Department of Sociology, 2018-07-21)
    The White Terror in Taiwan was a 43-year period during which the Kuomintang (KMT) regime, with significant support from the United States during the Cold War era, persecuted its political opponents, imprisoning tens of ...
  • The Rise of Independent Bookselling in China 

    Liu, Zheng (2018-01-29)
    This thesis is concerned with the rise of independent booksellers in China since the late 2000s. Drawing on the findings of a qualitative study I conducted with 55 independent booksellers between 2014 and 2015, I argue ...
  • Extended living arrangements in Chile: An analysis of subfamilies 

    Palma, Julieta (2018-02-24)
    Extended households are far from a rare phenomenon in Latin America and their prevalence does not seem to be in decline. In Chile, they accounted for about a quarter of all households over the 1990–2011 period. This ...

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