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  • Adaptive thermal comfort and its application in mixed mode buildings: The case of a hot-summer and cold-winter climate in China 

    Chen, Rongweixin (2018-11-24)
    It is widely recognised that one’s ability of adaptation is remarkable and thermal comfort is significantly related to such adaptations. This study proposes an alternative method of predicting adaptive thermal comfort based ...
  • A New Travel Demand Model for Outdoor Recreation Trips 

    JIAO, XIHE (2018-11-24)
    Travel to outdoor recreational spaces belongs to a general class of research questions for understanding destination and travel mode choices. In travel demand modelling, discrete choice models (DCMs) have been applied to ...
  • Towards an Architecture of the Cinematic 

    Breeze, Mark (2018-10-20)
    This dissertation begins to reconsider the theoretical and practical implications of notions of the cinematic in shaping the built realities and conceptual understandings of what architecture can be and can do. Through a ...
  • Cell geometry across the ring structure of Sitka spruce. 

    Reynolds, Thomas; Burridge, HC; Johnston, R; Wu, Guanglu; Shah, Darshil; Scherman, Oren; Linden, Paul et al. (The Royal Society, 2018-05)
    For wood to be used to its full potential as an engineering material, it is necessary to quantify links between its cell geometry and the properties it exhibits at bulk scale. Doing so will make it possible to predict ...

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