Recent Submissions

  • An educational intervention to promote healthy lifestyles in preschool children: a cluster-RCT 

    Iaia, M; Pasini, M; Burnazzi, A; Vitali, P; Allara, E; Farneti, M (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-04)
  • Identification of 12 new susceptibility loci for different histotypes of epithelial ovarian cancer 

    Phelan, CM; Kuchenbaecker, KB; Tyrer, JP; Kar, SP; Lawrenson, K; Winham, SJ; Dennis, J et al.
    To identify common alleles associated with different histotypes of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC), we pooled data from multiple genome-wide genotyping projects totaling 25,509 EOC cases and 40,941 controls. We identified ...
  • BRCA2 hypomorphic missense variants confer moderate risks of breast cancer 

    Shimelis, Hermela; Mesman, Romy LS; Von Nicolai, Catharina; Ehlen, Asa; Guidugli, Lucia; Martin, Charlotte; Calleja, Fabienne MGR et al.
    Breast cancer risks conferred by many germline missense variants in the $\textit{BRCA1}$ and $\textit{BRCA2}$ genes, often referred to as variants of uncertain significance (VUS), have not been established. In this study, ...
  • Earlier Physical Therapy Input is Associated with a Reduced Length of Hospital Stay and Reduced Care Needs on Discharge in Frail Older Inpatients: An Observational Study 

    Hartley, PJ; Keevil, VL; Alushi, L; Charles, RL; Conroy, EB; Costello, PM; Dixon, B et al.
    $\textbf{Background and Purpose}$: Pressures on hospital bed occupancy in the English National Health Service (NHS) have focused attention on enhanced service delivery models and methods by which physical therapists might ...

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