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  • The Activity and Influence of the Established Church in England, c. 1800-1837 

    Dixon, Nicholas Andrew (2019-07-19)
    This thesis examines the various ways in which the Church of England engaged with English politics and society from c. 1800 to 1837. Assessments of the early nineteenth-century Church of England remain coloured by a critique ...
  • Manifestations of Poland in nineteenth-century French culture 

    Devitt Tremblay, Mary Lucie Maeve (2019-07-19)
    This dissertation looks at manifestations of Poland in nineteenth-century France and how perceptions of Poland and Polish people evolved throughout the century. This evolution was a result of political changes in France ...
  • Protestants and the public sphere in Brazil, c.1870 - c.1930 

    Feitoza, Pedro Barbosa de Souza (2019-07-19)
    This dissertation examines the circulation of Christian print and the making of Protestant thought in Brazil in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It investigates one of the central methods of Protestant evangelisation ...
  • Pirates in the Age of Projects, 1688-1707 

    Finnegan, Oliver John (2019-07-19)
    This dissertation retells the history of pirates in the anglophone world, 1688-1707. It argues that the appellation “pirate” became applied to some within global seafaring communities as part of a contest among people of ...

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