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  • The Life of the Mind: An Intellectual Biography of Richard Hofstadter 

    Snodgrass, Andrew Ronald (2019-11-30)
    Despite his death in 1970, Richard Hofstadter’s work continues to have an enduring influence in American political culture. Yet despite the continued and frequent use of his interpretations in public discourse, his reputation ...
  • British Intelligence Services in Greece, 1940 - 1947 

    This dissertation seeks to address two key themes, drawing on archives in Britain, the United States, and Greece. Firstly, it examines the impact of British Intelligence on the Greek war effort, resistance to Axis occupation, ...
  • Pastoral care according to the bishops of England and Wales (c.1170 – 1228) 

    Runciman, David (2019-10-26)
    Church leaders have always been seen as shepherds, expected to feed their flock with teaching, to guide them to salvation, and to preserve them from threatening ‘wolves’. In the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries, ...
  • Planning and employment in a small economy: the Republic of Ireland 

    Katsiaouni, Olympios (1978-12-06)
    The dissertation can be considered in three parts. Part I is a review of the evolution and uneven development of the Irish economy for recent decades. A main reason in undertaking this is to bring to the fore some of the ...

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