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  • Julius Caesar, Fortune, and Latin Historiography in Twelfth-Century England 

    Forster, Tom Stephen (2020-03-28)
    This thesis suggests that four twelfth-century English historians – Orderic Vitalis, William of Malmesbury, Henry of Huntingdon, and Robert of Lewes (as probable author of the Gesta Stephani) – believed that they had ...
  • The European Revolutions of 1848 and the Danubian Principality of Wallachia 

    Morris, James (2020-04-25)
    This thesis uses the Wallachian Revolution of 1848 as a window through which to see and study questions about time, revolution, national and European identity, personal and popular sovereignty, and the relationship between ...
  • The Prester John Legend and European conceptions of Alterity before 1800. 

    Dixon, Jonathan Michael Thomas (2020-03-28)
    Prester John was said to have been an Eastern Christian monarch who ruled over a fantastical Empire in the Far East, containing both marvels and treasure. Originating in the twelfth century, this legend captivated the mind ...
  • Wittgenstein and his students, 1912-1968 

    Loner, John David (2020-04-24)
    This thesis is the first study of twentieth-century Cambridge Moral Sciences students’ elaboration of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s approach to doing philosophy. It serves foremost as a contribution to the history of British culture ...

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