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  • The Business of Sculpture in Venice, 1525-1625 

    Jones, Emma (2017-04-29)
    This thesis offers, for the first time, an in-depth study of the principal aspects of the business of sculpture in Venice from 1525 to 1625. Based on systematic examination, analysis and interpretation of myriad archival ...
  • The Early Works of Alessandro Vittoria (c. 1540 - c. 1570) 

    Avery, Victoria Jane (1997-02-18)
    The thesis is divided into eight chapters, with various approaches adopted. Chapter One is primarily historical and outlines the artistic scene in Trent during Vittoria's youth until his departure for Venice in 1543, ...
  • Questions of sculptural idiom in the later bosses from Norwich Cathedral cloister (c.1411-1430) 

    Hawkins, Robert (2020-10-24)
    This thesis focusses on the sculptural vault bosses from Norwich Cathedral cloister, particularly those of the later campaigns (c.1411-1430). This substantial series of bosses has long been acknowledged to be noteworthy, ...
  • Politics of the Project: Radical Art in Britain (1972-79) 

    Bagcioglu Izgi, Neylan
    The 1970s saw collaboration and local, grass-roots activism become common in radical art in Britain. Concomitant with anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-nuclear efforts, a group of Leftist artists challenged social and ...

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