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  • An Anscombean Approach to Animal Agency 

    Cash, Luke (2019-03-02)
    The ultimate aim of this thesis is to explain how the theory of action found in Anscombe’s Intention can be modified to deliver a plausible account of non-human animal agency (henceforth, animal agency). More specifically, ...
  • Reductive Aspects of Thermal Physics 

    Robertson, Katherine (2019-03-23)
    This thesis examines various reductive case studies in thermal physics. In particular, I argue that according to my account of reduction-as-construction, there are two suc- cessful examples of reduction. Thermodynamics ...
  • The Mind as a Predictive Modelling Engine: Generative Models, Structural Similarity, and Mental Representation 

    Williams, Daniel George (2018-12-07)
    I outline and defend a theory of mental representation based on three ideas that I extract from the work of the mid-twentieth century philosopher, psychologist, and cybernetician Kenneth Craik: first, an account of mental ...
  • Democratic Speech in Divided Times 

    Lepoutre, Maxime Charles (2018-11-24)
    Democratic theorists have influentially argued that inclusive deliberation, where citizens voice their concerns and exchange justifications, is crucial to democracy. However, this deliberative ideal has come under sustained ...

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