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  • In the Wake of Abelard: Nominalisms in the Twelfth Century 

    Noël, Roxane
    Since nominalism is among the main positions within one of the most famous debates of the Middle Ages, namely the debate on universals, and given the usual portrayal of Abelard (1079–1142) as the intellectual forefather ...
  • Generics in Use 

    Bosse, Anne
    This thesis is about generics, sentences like ‘Bricks are red’, ‘Boars have bristly hair’, or ‘British people love peas’. In Chapter 1, I consider what makes such sentences generics. I propose that generics should be ...
  • The Therapist as Scientist: A Philosophical Appraisal of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

    Ratnayake, Theuni Sahanika
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), one of the most popular schools of contemporary psychotherapy, presents itself as "scientific" and "evidence-based", particularly in contrast with its predecessor, psychoanalysis. This ...
  • Trusting 

    Domenicucci, Jacopo (2021-07-21)
    This work starts from what may seem like a narrow and technical question in the mental metaphysics of trust. I ask about the portion of reality that our mental state of trust takes as its object, as its world-side referent ...

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