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  • Ontological Pragmatism 

    Mitchell , Kyle (2018-08-31)
    Ontology is the study of what exists. Metaontology is the study of ontology. This dissertation is a work in metaontology. In particular, its goal is to develop, motivate, defend, and explore a distinctively pragmatist ...
  • The Common Foundation of Neo-Logicism and the Frege-Hilbert Controversy 

    Doherty, Fiona Teresa (2017-03-08)
    In the first half of the thesis I investigate David Hilbert's early ontology of mathematics around the period 1899-1916. Hilbert's early views are of significant philosophical interest and have been largely ignored due to ...
  • Language, Necessity and Convention: Reconsidering the Linguistic Approach to Modality 

    Nyseth, Fredrik (2018-07-21)
    This thesis is an examination of the linguistic approach to modality (also known as 'linguistic conventionalism') - i.e. the view that necessity is to be explained in terms of the linguistic rules that we have adopted. ...
  • How to make money: Distributive justice, finance, and monetary constitutions 

    van 't Klooster, Johannes Maria (2018-04-28)
    A capitalist society has two defining features. The first is well-known. A capitalist economy leaves coordination of exchange and production largely to private authority. The dissertation investigates a second feature. In ...

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