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  • Decision and Dependence: A Defence of Causal Decision Theory 

    Bales, Adam Thomas (2017-11-07)
    For several decades, causal decision theory (CDT) has been the orthodox version of philosophical decision theory. However, ever since CDT was first developed there have been those who have disputed the adequacy of this ...
  • Non-Representationalism and Metaphysics 

    Simpson, Matthew William Harris (2017-11-01)
    In recent years there has been increasing interest in philosophical theories which downplay the importance of the idea that our words and thoughts represent aspects of the world. The best-known example of these ...
  • Gadamer's ontology: an examination of Hans-Georg Gadamer's concept of being in relation to Heidegger, Plato and Hegel 

    Dawson, Christopher (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, 1996-01-30)
    An examination of the ontological position on which Hans-Georg Gadamer’s views rely, and of its relationship to the views of Heidegger, Plato and Hegel. I argue that Gadamer’s notion of being appeals to a structure he uses ...
  • Prescriptions and universalizability: a defence of Harean ethical theory 

    Elstein, Daniel Y. (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, 2014-02-04)
    R.M. Hare had an ambitious scheme of providing a unified account of meta-ethics and normative ethics by combining expressivism with Kantianism and utilitarianism. The project of this thesis is to defend Hare’s theory in ...

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