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  • Quantifying the pro- and antimutagenic roles of DNA damage and repair 

    Volkova, Nadezda (2020-07-25)
    Genome integrity is essential to the survival of any living organism. The genome is constantly challenged by a multitude of endogenous and exogenous mutagenic factors such as environmental exposures or replication errors. ...
  • Structural analysis of phosphorylation hotspots and kinase target preferences. 

    Strumillo, Marta Julia (2019-12-11)
    Cells are constantly sensing and adapting to changes in conditions. Protein post-translational regulation is one of the fastest mechanism used by cells to relay signals from sensors to effectors during such adaptations. ...
  • Community Classification of the Protein Universe 

    Jeffryes, Matthew Jacob (2020-02-22)
    Protein family databases are an important resource for biologists seeking to characterise the function of proteins, the structure of their domains, and their localisation within the cell. Operating a protein family database ...
  • On the epigenetic ageing clock in humans 

    Martín Herranz, Daniel Elías (2019-11-30)
    Epigenetic clocks are mathematical models that predict the biological age of an organism using DNA methylation data, and which have emerged in the last few years as the most accurate biomarkers of the ageing process. ...

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