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  • Quantitative genetics of gene expression during fruit fly development 

    Kölling, Nils (2016-04-26)
    Over the last ten years, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been used to identify genetic variants associated with many diseases as well as quantitative phenotypes, by exploiting naturally occurring genetic variation ...
  • The chemistry and evolution of enzyme function: isomerases as a case study 

    Martínez Cuesta, Sergio (2014-11-11)
    The study of the evolution of proteins has been traditionally undertaken from a sequence and structural point of view. However any attempt to understand how protein function changes during evolution benefits from consistent ...
  • Understanding the epigenome using system genetics 

    Timmer, Sander Willem (2015-01-06)
    Genetics has been successful in associating DNA sequence variants to both dichotomous and continuous traits in a variety of organisms, from plant and farm animal studies to human disease. With the advent of high-throughput ...
  • Cheminformatics for genome-scale metabolic reconstructions 

    May, John W. (2015-01-06)
    Genome-scale metabolic reconstructions are an important resource in the study of metabolism. They provide both a system and component level view of the biochemical transformations of metabolites. As more reconstructions ...

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