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  • The evolution of protein kinase specificity 

    Bradley, David (2019-04-27)
    Protein phosphorylation represents one of the most important post-translational modifica- tions (PTMs) for cell signalling, and is is catalysed by a group of enzymes called protein kinases. Through this activity they serve ...
  • Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Contextual Gene Expression Data 

    Arnol, Damien (2019-02-05)
    Technological advances have enabled profiling gene expression variability, both at the RNA and the protein level, with ever increasing throughput. In addition, miniaturisation has enabled quantifying gene expression from ...
  • Fit for purpose? A metascientific analysis of metabolomics data in public repositories 

    Spicer, Rachel (2019-05-18)
    Metabolomics is the study of metabolites and metabolic processes. Due to the diversity of structures and polarities of metabolites, no single analytical technique is able to measure the entire metabolome — instead a varied ...
  • Genetic association of high-dimensional traits 

    Meyer, Hannah Verena (2019-06-30)
    Over the past ten years, more than 4,000 genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have helped to shed light on the genetic architecture of complex traits and diseases. In recent years, phenotyping of the samples has often ...

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