Recent Submissions

  • Interests, Powers and Mere Equities in Modern Land Law 

    Cooper, S; Lees, EFI
    English land registration law is a work in progress. There remain important unresolved issues concerning the conceptual building blocks used in the Land Registration Act 2002. This article focusses on rights to correct the ...
  • Investment, Financial Markets and Uncertainty 

    Arestis, P (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, 2017)
    This contribution provides a theoretical explanation of the accumulation process, which focuses on the presence of correlations between physical and financial investment, and how the latter could affect the former. It also ...
  • Globalization and Changing Inflation Dynamics in China 

    Zhang, Chengsi; He, Huidong (Taylor & Francis, 2016-03-03)
    This article investigates the changing impact of economic globalization on inflation in China over the post-reform era. We construct an inflation dynamics model with globalization factors from microeconomic foundations. ...
  • The Prevalence of Rough Sleeping and Sofa Surfing Amongst Young People in the UK 

    Clarke, Anna (Cogitatio Press, 2016-10-20)
    Whilst data on statutory homelessness is well recorded in the UK, there is a lack of data on informal homelessness (such as ‘sofa surfing’) and rough sleeping, other than that which relies on partial information and street ...

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