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  • Uses in the Later Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries 

    Hannay, Ashley James
    This thesis considers uses in the half century from the early 1480s to the passage of the Statute of Uses in 1536. Significant work, notably by Jones, has been done on the effect of the Statute of Uses in the decades ...
  • Trade Secrets and International Investment Law 

    Ferguson, Alexander
    A foreign investor may be displeased when a state discloses, uses or regulates their trade secret. British investors in the Czech Republic and Kenya have acted on that displeasure by bringing claims against those states ...
  • Harm and risks of harm 

    Zhou, Yan Kai
    This thesis considers two interrelated questions that have seen a renewed interest in the jurisprudential literature: (1) what does it mean to suffer harm, and (2) do those exposed to a risk of harm suffer harm solely in ...
  • Uncertainty in Debt Finance: Reconceptualising Material Adverse Change Clauses 

    Lalafaryan, Narine
    From a legal and economic perspective, the global financial crisis, terrorist attacks, wars, natural catastrophes, and COVID-19 all have one thing in common: they potentially count as “material adverse change” events. Such ...

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