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    Wong, Chong Wei Runrun (2019-07-20)
    This dissertation comprises of three essays and that seeks to contribute new evidence and address critical gaps in hedge fund governance literature. The first paper address a critical gap in prior literature of hedge fund ...
  • Firms and the Evolution of Culture and Cooperation 

    Brahm ,Francisco (2019-07-19)
    The first chapter, titled “The Evolution of Productive Organizations”, attempts to break new ground in our explanations of the nature of guilds, partnerships and other pre-modern firm-like organizations. I use the theory ...
  • Essays on Social Influences in Decision Making 

    KC, Raghabendra Pratap (2018-11-24)
    This dissertation reports a series of studies on social influences in decision making with wide ranging marketing implications in areas such as gamification initiatives, participative pricing mechanisms, and charity ...
  • From Social Enterprise to Social Movement: Organizing for Change in the Global South 

    Claus, Laura (2018-10-09)
    This dissertation focuses on three different organizational approaches to introducing change in the Global South. In so doing, it explores how organizations can design and structure ‘solutions’ for deep-rooted social ...

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