Recent Submissions

  • Organization identity and earnings manipulation 

    Abernethy, MA; Bouwens, Johannes Franciscus; Kroos, P (2017-04-18)
    Management scholars are beginning to provide empirical evidence that organization identity (OI) can be a powerful means of reducing agency costs. We examine whether an individual's identity with the firm influences the ...
  • Only timeline will tell: temporal framing of competitive announcements and rivals' responses 

    Nadkarni, Sucheta; Pan, L; Chen, T
    Research has focused predominantly on the influence of the language firms use in their announcements on the reactions of constituents such as shareholders and the media. We extend this research by examining a new form of ...
  • Working and organizing in the age of the learning algorithm 

    Faraj, S; Pachidi, Styliani; Sayegh, K (Elsevier, 2018-03)
    Learning algorithms, technologies that generate responses, classifications, or dynamic predictions that resemble those of a knowledge worker, raise important research questions for organizational scholars related to work ...
  • Psychological targeting as an effective approach to digital mass persuasion 

    Stillwell, David John; Matz, SC; Kosinski, M; Nave, G (National Academy of Sciences, 2017-11)
    People are exposed to persuasive communication across many different contexts: governments, companies, and political parties use persuasive appeals to encourage people to eat healthier, purchase a particular product, or ...

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