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  • Sensemaking and Human-Centred Design: A Practice Perspective 

    Holeman, Isaac (2017-10-04)
    This dissertation explores how people address problems of real human concern in situations of complexity, ambiguity, uniqueness, conflicting values and rapid change. Such circumstances stretch formal and idealistic rules ...
  • Contract Design for Collaborative Response to Service Disruptions 

    Jansen, Marc Christiaan (2017-07-10)
    This dissertation studies firms' strategic interactions in anticipation of random service disruption following technology failure. In particular it is aimed at understanding how contracting decisions between a vendor and ...
  • An Analysis of the Competitive Dynamics Behind the Disruptor’s Dilemma 

    Merckel, Loic (2017-05-20)
    The introduction of a potentially disruptive technology into a mature multisided ecosystem often faces a seemingly dilemmatic challenge: persuading a critical mass of incumbents to support the technology that might eventually ...
  • Stability versus sustainability: energy policy in the Gulf monarchies 

    Krane, Jim (Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, 2014-11-11)
    Rising consumption of oil and natural gas inside the six Gulf Arab monarchies threatens to displace hydrocarbon exports that have long provided a large source of GDP. This trend is, in large part, a result of subsidized ...

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