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  • Embarrassment in $\textit{The Idiot}$ 

    Tapp, Alyson (American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages, 2016)
  • Printing and Social Control in Russia 3: Blank Forms 

    Franklin, Simon (Brill, 2015)
    Mainly on the basis of material from archives in St Petersburg, this article presents a classification and chronology of early printed blank forms in Russia, attributing their continuous history to Petrine initiatives ...
  • Snow and window: archetypes of imagination 

    Klujber, Anita Rita (2002-07-16)
    Within the field of comparative literature, this dissertation investigates how the paired symbols of snow and window illuminate certain imaginative processes such as the threshold experience of creative and receptive acts. ...
  • Turgenev and the question of the Russian artist 

    Sundkvist, Luis (2010-11-16)
    This thesis is concerned with the thoughts of the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev (1818-83) on the development of the arts in his native country and the specific problems facing the Russian artist. It starts by considering ...

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