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  • The 'lexis' of medieval computus in selected Anglo-Latin and Old English prose 

    Harris, Anthony (2021-05-24)
    The study of medieval computus (the calculation of the date of Easter) was popular amongst German scholars during the latter part of the nineteenth century, and American and German scholars in the early twentieth. Scholarly ...
  • The Dindshenchas in the Book of Leinster 

    McCay, David
    This thesis explores the nature of the Dindshenchas in the Book of Leinster (s. xii2). The Dindshenchas is a twelfth-century compilation of stories, in prose and verse, which explain the etymologies and origins of medieval ...
  • The Function of Writs in England before the Norman Conquest 

    Fenton, Albert
    This doctoral thesis offers a sustained re-examination of the corpus of Anglo-Saxon writs, a group of over 120 vernacular documents that survive predominantly from the later tenth and eleventh centuries, and which were ...
  • Studies in Medieval Irish Legal Ancillary Material 

    Taylor-Griffiths, Alice (2020-11-28)
    Preserved in medieval Irish manuscripts are a number of legal texts, which generated a broad range of glosses and commentary. Focus has hitherto generally been on the older strata of material and their immediate glossing. ...

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