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  • Law-code of King Alfred the Great 

    Dammery, Richard John Edward (1991-07-12)
  • The Christology of the Anglo-Saxon Homilies 

    Bennett, Naomi (2013-03-12)
    This thesis examines the representations of Christ in the Old English homilies, by analysing as separate groups the homilies of Ælfric, Wulfstan, and the anonymous collections in the Blickling Homiliary and the Vercelli ...
  • The manuscripts of the works of Gerald of Wales 

    Rooney, Catherine Margaret (2005-10-25)
    My dissertation is a palaeographical study of the manuscripts of the works of Gerald of Wales (c. 1146-1223). Gerald was a churchman, a member of the court of King Henry II and a prolific author. His extensive works ...
  • 'How can his word be trusted?': speaker and authority in Old Norse wisdom poetry 

    Schorn, Brittany Erin (2012-01-10)
    In the eddic poem Hávamál, the god Óðinn gives advice, including a warning about the fickleness of human, and divine, nature. He cites his own flagrant deception of giants who trusted him in order to win the mead of poetry ...

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