Recent Submissions

  • Arabic Codes in Hebrew Texts: On the Typology of Literary Code-switching 

    Ahmed, Mohamed (Brill, 2016-08-16)
    In the late 1950s, Iraqi Jews left or had to leave Iraq for Israel. In the course of their encounter with a new society, with Hebrew as the national language, most Iraqi Jewish authors found it impossible to continue writing ...
  • “Order” and “Civility”: Middle-Class Imaginaries of Citizenship before the Syrian Uprising 

    Anderson, Paul Stuart
    Are calls for civility necessarily elitist, serving to reproduce existing hierarchies of social and political power? Or can they work to clear a space in which citizenship can be reimagined and new political demands can ...
  • Agronomy and Philosophy in Early China 

    Sterckx, Roel
    The language used to describe agricultural life in early China was of itself a much used medium for philosophical, social, and political commentary. This paper explores how agriculture figures in the language of philosophical ...
  • Rethinking the lessons from Za'atari refugee camp 

    Gatter, Melissa (University of Oxford, 2018-02-22)
    Humanitarian efforts to build a model refugee camp when constructing Azraq camp in Jordan – drawing on what was supposed to have been learned in Za’atari camp – missed crucial aspects of Za’atari’s governance.

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