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  • Somatic phylogenies: a window into human biology in health and disease 

    Spencer Chapman, Michael
    All somatic cells in the human body originate from the fertilised egg, or ‘zygote’. Co-ordinated processes of cell division and differentiation result in the incredible complexity observed following development. Thereafter, ...
  • The natural history of clonal haematopoiesis 

    Fabre, Margarete
    Introduction Human cells acquire somatic mutations throughout life, some of which can drive clonal expansion. Such expansions are frequent in the haematopoietic system of healthy individuals and have been termed clonal ...
  • Technologies to decode the multicellular networks within the human body 

    Shilts, Jarrod
    This is a story about how it is possible for collections of cells to physically assemble into coordinated multicellular systems. In other words, how millions of individual cells are able to physically interact with each ...
  • Clonal dynamics of haematopoiesis across the human lifespan 

    Mitchell, Emily
    The haematopoietic system manifests several age-associated phenotypes including anaemia; loss of regenerative capacity, especially in the face of insults such as infection, chemotherapy or blood loss; and increased risk ...

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