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  • Space-time Constructivism vs. Modal Provincialism: Or, How Special Relativistic Theories Needn't Show Minkowski Chronogeometry 

    Pitts, JB
    Already in 1835 Lobachevski entertained the possibility of multiple (one might say ``rival'') geometries of the same type playing a role. This idea of rival geometries has reappeared from time to time (including Poincaré ...
  • Ideology and Normativity 

    Chambers, CE
    This paper investigates the possibility of what Sally Haslanger calls “ideology critique.” It argues that ideology critique cannot rely on epistemological considerations alone but must be based on a normative political ...
  • When journal editors play favorites 

    Heesen, R
    Should editors of scientific journals practice triple-anonymous reviewing? I consider two arguments in favor. The first says that insofar as editors’ decisions are affected by information they would not have had under ...
  • Don't Look Now 

    Ahmed, AM; Salow, B
    Good’s Theorem is the apparent platitude that it is always rational to ‘look before you leap’: to gather (reliable) information before making a decision when doing so is free. We argue that Good’s Theorem is not platitudinous ...

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