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  • Altruism and Ambition in the Dynamic Moral Life 

    Dougherty, T (Taylor & Francis, 2016-11-29)
    Some people are such impressive altruists that they seem to us to already be doing more than enough. And yet they see themselves as compelled to do even more. Can our view be reconciled with theirs? Can a moderate view of ...
  • The Real Problem with Evolutionary Debunking Arguments 

    Hanson, Louise
    There is a substantial literature on evolutionary debunking arguments (EDAs) in metaethics. According to these arguments, evolutionary explanations of our moral beliefs pose a significant problem for moral realism, ...
  • Mirror Self Recognition and Self-Identification 

    Boyle, AS
    That great apes are the only primates to recognise their reflections is often taken to show that they are self-aware – however, there has been much recent debate about whether the self-awareness in question is psychological ...
  • Moral Understanding as Knowing Right from Wrong 

    Sliwa, Paulina A. (University of Chicago Press, 2016)
    Moral understanding is a valuable epistemic and moral good. I argue that moral understanding is the ability to know right from wrong. I defend the account against challenges from non-reductionists, such as Alison Hills, ...

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