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  • Solving the Problem of Creeping Minimalism 

    Simpson, Matthew (Taylor & Francis, 2017-12-14)
    In this paper I discuss the so-called problem of creeping minimalism, the problem of distinguishing metaethical expressivism from its rivals once expressivists start accepting minimalist theories about truth, representation, ...
  • Rationality and Future Discounting 

    Ahmed, Arif Mohiuddin
    The best justification of time-discounting is roughly that it is rational to care less about your more distant future because there is less of you around to have it. I argue that the standard version of this argument, which ...
  • Rethinking Naive Realism 

    Beck, Ori
    Perceptions are externally-directed - they present us with a mind-independent reality, and thus contribute to our abilities to think about this reality, and to know what is objectively the case. But perceptions are also ...
  • Powerful qualities and pure powers 

    Taylor, Henry
    Many think that properties are powers. However, whilst some claim that properties are pure powers, others claim that properties are powerful qualities. In this paper, I argue that the canonical formulation of the powerful ...

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