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  • Virginia Woolf, Literary Style, and Aesthetic Education 

    Simoniti, Vid (University of Illinois Press, 2016-04-01)
    Works of literature represent stories, characters and events: these are the contents of a work. Often, the contents of literary works are fictional, however, it is just as characteristic of works of literature that these ...
  • Elusive Externalism 

    Salow, BJ
    Epistemologists have recently noted a tension between (i) denying access internalism and (ii) maintaining that rational agents cannot be epistemically akratic, believing claims akin to ‘P, but I shouldn’t believe P’. I ...
  • Powerful Qualities, Phenomenal Concepts, and the New Challenge to Physicalism 

    Taylor, H
    Defenders of the phenomenal concept strategy have to explain how both physical and phenomenal concepts provide a substantive grasp on the nature of their referents, whilst referring to the very same experience. This is the ...
  • Normativity and Purposiveness 

    Breitenbach, Angela (2016-10)

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