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  • Review of Stephan Blatti and Paul Snowdon (eds.) Animalism: New Essays on Persons, Animals and Identity 

    Moran, Alexander
    First Paragraph:This volume is the first of its kind: a collection of articles focusing specifically on the Animalist theory of personal identity. This view has gained prominence in recent years, having been previously ...
  • Kind-Dependent Grounding 

    Moran, Alexander
    Abstract. Are grounding claims fully general in character? If a is F in virtue of being G, does it follow that anything that’s G has to be F for that reason? According to the thesis of Weak Formality, the answer is ‘yes’. ...
  • Naive Realism, Seeing Stars, and Perceiving the Past 

    Moran, Alexander
    Abstract. It seems possible to see a star that no longer exists. Yet it also seems right to say that what no longer exists cannot be seen. We therefore face a puzzle, the traditional answer to which involves abandoning ...
  • Predictive coding and thought 

    Williams, Daniel (Springer Nature, 2018-03-24)
    Predictive processing has recently been advanced as a global cognitive architecture for the brain. I argue that its commitments concerning the nature and format of cognitive representation are inadequate to account for two ...

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