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    Oliver, Alexander; SMILEY, TIMOTHY (Cambridge University Press, 2018-12)
    Almost all set theorists pay at least lip service to Cantor’s definition of a set as a collection of many things into one whole; but empty and singleton sets do not fit with it. Adapting Dana Scott’s axiomatization of the ...
  • Decision-Theoretic Pluralism 

    Bales, Adam (OUP, 2018-10-01)
    A prominent philosophical debate concerns whether we should accept causal decision theory (CDT) or evidential decision theory (EDT) as our best theory of rational choice. However, instead of accepting one of these theories ...
  • AI and Data-driven Targeting 

    Vold, Karina Vergobbi; Whittlestone, Jess; Bahanda, Anunya; Cave, Stephen (2018-06)
    Thinkpiece on 'AI and Data-driven Targeting' for the UK Government's Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation
  • Reasonable Disagreement and the Neutralist Dilemma: Abortion and circumcision in Matthew Kramer’s Liberalism with Excellence 

    Chambers, Clare (University of Notre Dame, Law School, 2018-06-01)
    This paper starts by investigating the idea of reasonable disagreement. It then considers Matthew Kramer’s argument that there is no neutral solution available to the disagreement over abortion. The paper argues that ...

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