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  • Luck Stories: Stress-Testing Contingency and Agency at the Margins of Post-war American Literature 

    Gordon, Robert Samuel
    The article examines four mid-20th-century American works of literature that explore and tell stories with notions of luck. It argues that luck in these works is deployed as a means to ‘stress-test’ the possibilities and ...
  • The Syntax of the Dialect of Bari 

    Andriani, Luigi (2017-11-16)
    This dissertation describes and analyses a selection of morphosyntactic phenomena from the nominal, verbal and clausal domains of Barese, an upper southern Italian dialect of Puglia. Chapter 2 analyses pragmatically unmarked ...
  • Pressure to Publish: Laura Terracina and her Editors 

    Papworth, Amelia (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2017-12)
    Laura Terracina (1519–c.1577) was the bestselling female author of sixteenth-century Italy, publishing eight poetry collections, several of which went through numerous reprints. While other female poets attained greater ...
  • La lettura domestica della Bibbia nell'Italia rinascimentale 

    Brundin, Abigail Sarah
    Numerosi sono gli studi che attestano il ruolo centrale della Bibbia nella devozione domestica dei riformatori inglesi . Il protestantesimo nord europeo del Cinque- e Seicento è stato spesso definito come la religione del ...

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