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  • First-Person Participation in Dante's 'Commedia' 

    Powlesland, Katherine Lucy (2018-08-23)
    This thesis sets out a case for a mode of reading I term first-person participation in relation to Dante’s 'Commedia', a narrative poem I propose to function as an exceptionally participatory text. That Dante’s poem invites ...
  • Greek and Romance unagreement in Calabria 

    Höhn, Georg FK; Silvestri, Giuseppina; Squillaci, M Olimpia (Brill, 2017-01-01)
    The term ‘unagreement’ describes configurations with an apparent person-mismatch between a typically definite plural subject and non-third person verbal agreement found in several null subject languages. Previous works ...
  • Material Prayers: The Use of Text in Early Modern Italian Domestic Devotions 

    Tycz, Katherine Marie (2018-07-20)
    While scholarship often focuses on how early modern Italians used images in their devotions, particularly in the post-Tridentine era, little attention has been placed upon how laypeople engaged with devotional text during ...
  • The Expression Of Progressive Aspect In Grico: Mapping Morphosyntactic Isoglosses In An Endangered Italo-Greek Variety 

    Ledgeway, Adam Noel; Schifano, Norma; Silvestri, Giuseppina (Wiley-Blackwell, 2018-07-01)
    This article investigates the expression of progressive aspect by means of verbal periphrases in the Italo-Greek variety known as Grico, spoken in Salento (southern Italy). Building on the extremely valuable, yet out-dated, ...

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