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  • Three Arguments for Absolute Outcome Measures 

    Sprenger, J; Stegenga, JM
    Data from medical research is typically summarized with various types of outcome measures. We present three arguments in favor of absolute over relative outcome measures. The first argument is from cognitive bias: relative ...
  • What are cultural attractors? 

    Buskell, A
    Concepts from cultural attractor theory are now used in domains far from their original home in anthropology and cultural evolution. Yet these concepts have not been consistently characterised. I here distinguish four ways ...
  • Robustness and Independent Evidence 

    Unknown author (University of Chicago Press, 2017-03-21)
    Robustness arguments hold that hypotheses are more likely to be true when they are confirmed by diverse kinds of evidence. Robustness arguments require the confirming evidence to be independent. We identify two kinds of ...
  • Psychometrics versus Representational Theory of Measurement 

    Vessonen, Elina (Sage Publications, 2017-05-06)
    Erik Angner has argued that simultaneous endorsement of the representational theory of measurement (RTM) and psychometrics leads to inconsistency. His claim rests on an implicit assumption: RTM and psychometrics are ...

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