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  • Pragmatics and Philosophy: In Search of a Paradigm 

    Jaszczolt, Katarzyna Malgorzata
    ‘Why pragmatics matters for philosophy’ is not a difficult question to answer: just as philosophical logic applies methods of formal logic to the analysis of philosophical problems such as reference, existence, truth, ...
  • Topic strategies and the internal structure of nominal arguments in Italian and Greek. 

    Alexopoulou, Theodora; Folli, R
    In this paper we argue that a set of unexpected contrasts in the interpretation of Clitic Left Dislocated (CLLD-ed) indefinites in Italian and Greek derive from structural variation in the nominal syntax of the two languages. ...
  • Automatic Selection of Context Configurations for Improved Class-Specific Word Representations 

    Vulić, Ivan,; Schwartz, Roy,; Rappoport, Ari,; Reichart, Roi,; Korhonen, Anna, (ACL, 2017-08-01)
    This paper is concerned with identifying contexts useful for training word representation models for different word classes such as adjectives (A), verbs (V), and nouns (N). We introduce a simple yet effective framework ...
  • Decoding sentiment from distributed representations of sentences 

    Ponti, EM; Vulić, I; Korhonen, Anna-Leena (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2017-01-01)
    Distributed representations of sentences have been developed recently to represent their meaning as real-valued vectors. However, it is not clear how much information such representations retain about the polarity of ...

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