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  • Spur length evolution in Linaria reflects changes in cell division 

    Glover, Beverley Jane; Cullen, Erin; Mazuecos-Fernandez, Mario
    Background and aims Nectar spurs (tubular outgrowths of a floral organ which contain or give the appearance of containing nectar) are hypothesized to be a ‘key innovation’ which can lead to rapid speciation within a ...
  • The reward of Vicia faba flowers 

    Glover, Beverley Jane; Bailes, Emily; Pattrick, Jonathan
    Global consumption of crops with a yield that is dependent on animal pollinators is growing, with greater areas planted each year. However, the floral traits that influence pollinator visitation are not usually the focus ...
  • Concerted anatomical change associated with CAM in the Bromeliaceae 

    Males, Jamie
    Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) is a celebrated example of convergent evolution in plant ecophysiology. However, many unanswered questions surround the relationshipsbetween CAM, anatomy, and morphology during evolutionary ...
  • Taxonomic Implications of Morphological Complexity Within the Testate Amoeba Genus Corythion from the Antarctic Peninsula 

    Roland, Thomas P; Amesbury, Matthew J; Wilkinson, David M; Charman, Dan J; Convey, Peter; Hodgson, Dominic A; Royles, Jessica et al. (Elsevier, 2017-11)
    Precise and sufficiently detailed morphological taxonomy is vital in biology, for example in the accurate interpretation of ecological and palaeoecological datasets, especially in polar regions, where biodiversity is poor. ...

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