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  • In vivo imaging of hepatic neutrophil migration in severe alcoholic hepatitis with 111In-radiolabelled leucocytes. 

    Potts, Jonathan R; Farahi, Neda; Howard, Mark R; Taylor, Mark R; Heard, Sarah; Shankar, Arun N; Alexander, Graeme J et al. (2018-08)
    ABSTRACT The study aim was to image severe alcoholic hepatitis (SAH) using 111In-labelled leucocytes with two objectives in mind: firstly for non-invasive diagnosis and secondly to provide a platform for experimental ...
  • Gut microbiota trajectory in early life may predict development of celiac disease. 

    Olivares, Marta; Walker, Alan W; Capilla, Amalia; Benítez-Páez, Alfonso; Palau, Francesc; Parkhill, Julian; Castillejo, Gemma et al. (2018-02-20)
  • Massively parallel C. elegans tracking provides multi-dimensional fingerprints for phenotypic discovery. 

    Perni, Michele; Challa, Pavan; Kirkegaard, Julius B; Limbocker, Ryan; Koopman, Mandy; Hardenberg, Maarten C; Sormanni, Pietro et al. (Elsevier, 2018-08)
    BACKGROUND: The nematode worm C. elegans is a model organism widely used for studies of genetics and of human disease. The health and fitness of the worms can be quantified in different ways, such as by measuring their ...
  • Phenotypic screening reveals TNFR2 as a promising target for cancer immunotherapy. 

    Williams, Geoffrey S; Mistry, Bina; Guillard, Sandrine; Ulrichsen, Jane Coates; Sandercock, Alan M; Wang, Jun; González-Muñoz, Andrea et al. (Impact Journals, 2016-10-18)
    Antibodies that target cell-surface molecules on T cells can enhance anti-tumor immune responses, resulting in sustained immune-mediated control of cancer. We set out to find new cancer immunotherapy targets by phenotypic ...

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