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  • Learning Bases of Activity for Facial Expression Recognition 

    Sariyanidi, Evangelos; Gunes, Hatice; Cavallaro, Andrea (IEEE, 2017)
    The extraction of descriptive features from sequences of faces is a fundamental problem in facial expression analysis. Facial expressions are represented by psychologists as a combination of elementary movements known as ...
  • Real-time noise-aware tone mapping 

    Eilertsen, G; Mantiuk, RK; Unger, J (ACM, 2015-11-01)
    Real-time high quality video tone mapping is needed for many applications, such as digital viewfinders in cameras, display algorithms which adapt to ambient light, in-camera processing, rendering engines for video games ...
  • Undisciplined disciples: everything you always wanted to know about ethnomethodology but were afraid to ask Yoda 

    Blackwell, AF; Blythe, M; Kaye, J (Springer, 2017-03-13)
    As computing technologies become ubiquitous in social life, social science increasingly becomes the study of those technosystems. Similarly, as technology corporations compete to design new ubicomp products, social science ...
  • Where Has My Time Gone? 

    Zilberman, N; Grosvenor, M; Popescu, DA; Manihatty Bojan, N; Antichi, G; Wojcik, M; Moore, AW (Springer, 2017-02-17)
    Time matters. In a networked world, we would like mobile devices to provide a crisp user experience and applications to instantaneously return results. Unfortunately, application performance does not depend solely on ...

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