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  • Real-time noise-aware tone-mapping and its use in luminance retargeting 

    Eilertsen, G; Mantiuk, RK; Unger, J (IEEE, 2016-08-19)
    With the aid of tone-mapping operators, high dynamic range images can be mapped for reproduction on standard displays. However, for large restrictions in terms of display dynamic range and peak luminance, limitations of ...
  • A model of local adaptation 

    Vangorp, P; Myszkowski, K; Graf, EW; Mantiuk, RK (ACM, 2015-11-01)
    The visual system constantly adapts to different luminance levels when viewing natural scenes. The state of visual adaptation is the key parameter in many visual models. While the time-course of such adaptation is well ...
  • Robust Registration of Dynamic Facial Sequences 

    Sariyanidi, Evangelos; Gunes, Hatice; Cavallaro, Andrea (IEEE, 2017)
    Accurate face registration is a key step for several image analysis applications. However, existing registration methods are prone to temporal drift errors or jitter among consecutive frames. In this paper we propose an ...
  • The practices of programming 

    Bergström, I; Blackwell, AF (2016-11-08)
    © 2016 IEEE.How diverse are the ways that programming is done? While a variety of accounts exist, each appears in isolation, neither framed in terms of a distinct practice, nor as one of many such practices. In this work ...

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