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  • The pebbling comonad in finite model theory 

    Abramsky, Samson; Dawar, Anuj; Wang, Pengming
    Pebble games are a powerful tool in the study of finite model theory, constraint satisfaction and database theory. Monads and comonads are basic notions of category theory which are widely used in semantics of computation ...
  • DrugClust: A machine learning approach for drugs side effects prediction 

    Lio, P; Dimitri, GM (Elsevier, 2017-03-30)
    Background: Identification of underlying mechanisms behind drugs side effects is of extreme interest and importance in drugs discovery today. Therefore machine learning methodology, linking such different multi features ...
  • Mathematical Information Retrieval based on type embeddings and query expansion 

    Stathopoulos, YA; Teufel, SH (International Committee on Computational Linguistics, 2016-12)
    We present an approach to mathematical information retrieval (MIR) that exploits a special kind of technical terminology, referred to as a mathematical type. In this paper, we present and evaluate a type detection mechanism ...
  • Personality Perception of Robot Avatar Teleoperators in Solo and Dyadic Tasks 

    Bremner, PA; Celiktutan, O; Gunes, H (Frontiers, 2017-05-23)
    Humanoid robot avatars are a potential new telecommunication tool, whereby a user is remotely represented by a robot that replicates their arm, head, and possible face movements. They have been shown to have a number of ...

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