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  • Control of Energy Storage with Market Impact: Lagrangian Approach and Horizons 

    Gibbens, Richard; Cruise, James; Flatley, Lisa; Zachary, Stan
    We study the control of large scale energy storage operating in a market. Re-optimization of deterministic models is a common pragmatic approach when prices are stochastic. We apply Lagrangian theory to develop such a model ...
  • Leaving on a jet plane: the trade in fraudulently obtained airline tickets. 

    Hutchings, Alice (Springer Nature, 2018-01)
    Every day, hundreds of people fly on airline tickets that have been obtained fraudulently. This crime script analysis provides an overview of the trade in these tickets, drawing on interviews with industry and law enforcement, ...
  • Deep dip teardown of tubeless insulin pump 

    Skorobogatov, Sergei
    This paper introduces a deep level teardown process of a personal medical device - the OmniPod wireless tubeless insulin pump. This starts with mechanical teardown exposing the engineering solutions used inside the device. ...
  • The bumpy road towards iPhone 5c NAND mirroring 

    Skorobogatov, Sergei
    This paper is a short summary of a real world mirroring attack on the Apple iPhone 5c passcode retry counter under iOS 9. This was achieved by desoldering the NAND Flash chip of a sample phone in order to physically access ...

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