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  • Leading-order Stokes flows near a corner 

    Dauparas, J; Lauga, Eric Jean-Marie
    Singular solutions of the Stokes equations play important roles in a variety of fluid dynamics problems. They allow the calculation of exact flows, are the basis of the boundary integral methods used in numerical computations, ...
  • Autophoretic motion in three dimensions. 

    Lisicki, M; Reigh, Shang Yik; Lauga, Eric Jean-Marie (RSC, 2018-03-08)
    Janus particles with the ability to move phoretically in self-generated chemical concentration gra- dients are model systems for active matter. Their motion typically consists of straight paths with rotational diffusion ...
  • Hydrodynamic mobility of a sphere moving on the centerline of an elastic tube 

    Daddi-Moussa-Ider, Abdallah; Lisicki, M; Gekle, Stephan (2017-11)
    Elastic channels are an important component of many soft matter systems, in which hydrodynamic interactions with confining membranes determine the behavior of particles in flow. In this work, we derive analytical expressions ...
  • The complex null string, Galilean conformal algebra and scattering equations 

    Casali, Eduardo; Herfray, Yannick; Tourkine, Piotr (2017-10)

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