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  • Rheology of dense granular suspensions under extensional flow 

    Cheal, Oliver; Ness, Christopher
    We study granular suspensions under a variety of extensional deformations and simple shear using numerical simulations. The viscosity and Trouton's ratio (the ratio of extensional to shear viscosity) are computed as functions ...
  • "Explosive" synthesis of metal-formate frameworks for methane capture: an experimental and computational study. 

    Liu, Xiao-Wei; Guo, Ya; Tao, Andi; Fischer, Michael; Sun, Tian-Jun; Moghadam, Peyman Z; Fairen-Jimenez, David et al. (2017-10-04)
    In this work, we show a solvent-free "explosive" synthesis (SFES) method for the ultrafast and low-cost synthesis of metal-formate frameworks (MFFs). A combination of experiments and in-depth molecular modelling analysis ...
  • Measurement of the wall slip behaviour of a solid granular soap in ram extrusion 

    Bryan, Matthew; Rough, Sarah Louise; Wilson, David Ian (Elsevier, 2018-01-01)
    The wall slip behaviour of a solid granular soap was investigated in the context of ram extrusion, with particular focus on determining the sensitivity of the wall shear stress to the pressure within the soap, as well as ...
  • Chemical Looping Epoxidation 

    Chan, Martin; Marek, Ewa Janina; Scott, Stuart; Dennis, John Stephen
    Chemical looping epoxidation of ethylene was demonstrated, whereby the sole oxidant was a solid oxygen carrier, 15 wt% Ag supported on SrFeO3. Ethylene reacted with a bed of carrier particles, without any O2(g) in the feed, ...

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